Protests continue in Oman

Protests continue in Oman
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Protests also continue at University of Nizwa. Hundreds of students are protesting about ineffiencies of University administration, TOEFL pass mark (500) too high, no text books in some courses, no syllabus given in other courses. This comes after 12 Western teachers were sacked without reason. All were long term teachers with outstanding credentials and high popularity with the students. But university administration prefers to sack them and replace them with new inexperienced teachers so as to save money on wages, gratuities, owed holiday money etc. But this does not benefit the students. Excellent teachers being replaced by inexperienced teachers. Why would the administration do this to its own Omani students. Apparently, the Foundation Institute Director, (who sacked all the westerners, because they can actually do the job he can't) would rather deal in nepotistic, despotic egoism than provide quality education to his own people.
No wonder the students are protesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous (not verified) Wed, 03/09/2011 - 15:12

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