South Sudan leader: Do not ask me about ties with Israel

South Sudan leader: Do not ask me about ties with Israel
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I think it is in the interest of America, UK and Israel , to stop terrorism in Africa. This terrorism is Middle-East funded. Arab league has to accept the current borders of Umma. Otherwise other states will be separated as well,e.g. Nigeria. America and Uk like division of states, Israel wants a strong friend south of Arab world. Offcourse they will send weapons to their friends. And friends in peace are also friends at wartime. In the next arab-Israeli war the danger for the Arab world will also come from the south! South Sudan will become a stronghold for anti-Islam states. It' s influence will be dramatic! This is a turning point in world-history. Wars will inevitably follow, as always.

a belgian (not verified) Mon, 01/10/2011 - 10:16

Why are the arabs so nervous about Israel? Secondly Israel is not something invisible, they are staying next door with arabs why don't they face the Israelis and settle their problems rather than trying to look for scape goats some where who are having their own problems. Please, please, please leave us alone. Southern Sudan is neither Gaza nor Ramallah, it is also not in the middle east to be questioned about Israelis activities. We are talking about South Sudan here and not talking about Palestine. I don't understand why grown ups like Amri Musa don't accept truth but act like kids, did musa not see the Israeli embassy in his backyard in Egypt or what is he looking for? He must stop bothering Kiir with such stupid questions, Mubarak knows well what the Israelis are doing let him go and question him.....TIME.

Fannan (not verified) Thu, 12/30/2010 - 23:01

there is nothing to settle with israel. Israel is an outpost serving the wests interest and its own using the old divide and conquer methods.
israels aim is to weaken all islamic governments. Israel doesn't want peace, it wants conquests and financial gain. israel is nothing more than britains and americas main army base.
If there is one christian in a muslim country, then he must become independent by referendum immediately, but millions of palestinians, afghans and iraqis and pakistani must live
under occupation forever in their own countries where they are the majority.
islamic Indonesia has given independence to east timor, sudan is organizing a referendum in south sudan. but what about the muslims in palestine, don't they deserve a referendum after decades of oppression, torture and aggression?

an Arab (not verified) Sun, 01/09/2011 - 02:07

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