Behind The News

July 10, 2014

An Israeli Merkava tank rolls along the southern Israeli border with the Gaza Strip following Israeli air strikes in the Palestinian coastal enclave, on July 10, 2014. [AFP]
10:16 GMT

A future Palestine state will have no borders and be an enclave within Israel, surrounded on all sides by Israeli-held territory

Did the World Cup generate more interest than the Gaza death toll? Some think so (File/AFP)
08:22 GMT

While the big game between Germany and Brazil commenced, Israel was air striking Gaza. But, the eyes of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon were transfixed on the match, "desensitized" by what was happening in the Strip.

July 7, 2014

Subsidy reform could lead to a boost in economic growth for the country. (AFP/File)
14:01 GMT

Egypt's new government is cutting fuel subsidies in an effort to save the economy.

July 5, 2014

Kurdistan President Masoud Barzani called on the Kurdish Regional Government to set a date for an independence referendum earlier this week (File Archive/AFP)
15:03 GMT

Too many coincidences seem to indicate that Ankara is backing Kurdistan's bid for independence in many more ways than may be immediately realized.

July 3, 2014

ISIS announced this week that the group established an Islamic Caliphate in parts of Iraq and Syria (File Archive)
19:04 GMT

When analyzing the impact of the ISIS declaration of the caliphate, one must consider the circumstances surrounding the announcement, says one expert.

June 30, 2014

ISIS dropped “Iraq and the Levant” from its name after announcing the establishment of a caliphate (File/AFP)
10:28 GMT

There hasn't been an Islamic caliphate since the Ottoman Empire. Radical militant group ISIS announced the "restoration of the caliphate", but what does this mean?

June 29, 2014

Most violent attacks in Iraq are motivated by sectarianism. (AFP/File)
09:59 GMT

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant are fanning the flames of deeply rooted sectarian tensions that have existed in Iraq for years.

June 26, 2014

In recent weeks, radical Sunni militants from ISIS attempted to control Iraq's largest oil refinery (File/AFP)
09:43 GMT

The constant juggle between ISIS and Iraqi forces for the Baiji oil refinery has been confusing as it remains unclear who has full control. But, there is more to it.

June 25, 2014

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry recently visited Iraqi Kurdistan and met with Kurdish President Masoud Barzani. (AFP/File)
11:57 GMT

With Kurdish forces successfully fending off ISIL militants and establishing their own boundaries, the time is ripe for the Kurdish people to establish an independent state.

June 24, 2014

Lebanon heavily relies on its tourism industry as a vital part of the economy (File/AFP)
13:59 GMT

Suicide bombs are not enough of a reason to scare away the tourists of Lebanon. As embassies warn against traveling to the country, some tourists say it's just an exaggeration.

June 22, 2014

Millions have fled the violence in Syria. (AFP/File)
13:59 GMT

As the international community commemorates World Refugee Day, one refugee tells his complicated story.

June 21, 2014

"GCC's reliance on U.S. protection has transformed into a policy of 'importing' security," according to analyst Saleh Al Saidi (File Archive)
14:32 GMT

Is the Middle East facing an unprecedented stability threat?

June 19, 2014

The rise of Salafism in the Middle East may be the ultimate end to the democratic mobilization and movements that emerged in the region in 2011 (File Archive)
14:49 GMT

As the world watches the escalating violence in Iraq and the growth of the jihadist ISIS, it is important to recognize that the rise of such extremism is part of a regional trend that has been growing rapidly over the past two decades in particular.

June 17, 2014

ISIS is set on capturing Baghdad. (AFP/File)
13:39 GMT

Now one of the biggest jihadi threats, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, an al-Qaeda inspired group, is proving to be startling efficient at taking over large swathes of territory in the Middle East.

June 15, 2014

Many members of the Iraqi army fled when confronted by ISIL. (AFP/File)
12:47 GMT

The corrupt nature of the Iraqi army and the revenge politics of Maliki's administration enabled the ISIL's takeover.