Egypt: Muslim Brotherhoods call for protests on Friday

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhoods call for protests on Friday
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We should soupprt the revolution in Syria. Ms. Glick didn't mention the longstanding history of rather insane Syrian warfare against Israel -- from the 1948 War of Independence onwards. Syria has always been Israel's worst enemy,The West should at least give the Syrian dissidents moral and logistical soupprt. My feeling is is that, if the dissidents lose, there is going to be a huge bloodbath in that country. And the West, and in particular the Western liberal media, will ignore Syria. If and when the dissidents lose, Israel should step in and undertake a premetive stike against suspected chemical weapons. I am surprised they haven't done so already,

Ana (not verified) Mon, 09/24/2012 - 09:28

There seems to be a common thared running through these attempts at change regimes. Those in the ME that were pro or ambivalent about Iran seem to be on the teeter-totter as well as those, excepting Saudi, that have tried to be perhaps too accommodating in the past re the USA.It's something like the double con job poker game on the train to Chicago in "The Sting". There is more than just a really crooked deal upcoming. If I was Israel, I would expect to be "Gadaffied" one of these days with an all star cast of leftists, Israeli Arabs, Palestinians, et al, sobbing and rending their garments and putting on a great show while the MSM laps it all up.

Albana (not verified) Mon, 09/24/2012 - 09:28

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