French FM: Assad time is over

French FM: Assad time is over
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Any plan that leaves the door open to Assad to prevail is rubbish! The Arab Springs have been about busting despotic rulers out of power, not about re-configuring them as democrats and continue business as usual under a phony perception of democracy. In Syria, the Arab Spring is about demolishing the 40-year Assad family rule, as in Egypt was demolishing the 30-year old Mubarak regime. Anything less will be a farce, and a betrayal to the 15.000 Syrian civilians who lost their lives to throw Assad off the saddle.

Russia is foolish to place all bets on Assad, and I feel it is time for the West to get serious, and establish a security zone inside Syria -on the Turkish borders- for Syrian refugee protection, and as a supply depot for rebel weapons and armaments. That will deliver the message to Russia that the West is determined to do way with Assad.
The Russians then will have the choice to force Assad out, or see a pro-U.S. and anti-Russian, anti-Iranian regime in Damascus.

Assad has become un-salvageable, and one way or another he would be ousted - probably violently. Russia's bet on him is akin to betting on a "dead horse," and that proves they are still clueless that their last bastion in Middle East will eventually be overrun! But waiting until it happens would cost thousands thousands more Syrian lives unnecessarily! Nikos Retsos, retired professor

Nikos Retsos (not verified) Sun, 07/01/2012 - 17:21

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