Hezbollah chief blasts US 'interference' in the region

Hezbollah chief blasts US 'interference' in the region
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I've come to realize that there is a great deal of propaganda involved with the Syrian crisis. Who are the Hezbollah that they feel they have the right to target the US through the media with slander. We have the UK, Russia, the US, and possibly a few other countries that are supporting the ONLY recognized voice in Syria which is the FSA. Anyone in their right mind knows by now that no other terrorist cell group is helping Syria. In fact actuality, the Hezbollah, Jidhadists, al Nusra, etc. have shown the world they are not about peace. They are for themselves. They will further destroy Syria stating it is in support of Assad, but if Assad is a war criminal then what does that make the Hezbollah and other terror cells? The fact remains, no one of high importance in world government has any use for anyone willing to destroy and wipe out the Syrian nation and its people whether adult or children. We will seek these terror groups and wipe them out one by one. If it is the US, Russia, the UK, it matters not. Even Saudi Arabia is part of the Friends for Syria fighting for freedom and peace. I curse any terror cell group that takes the lives of children and citizens, and robs them of their lives.

lightweaver1213 (not verified) Fri, 06/14/2013 - 16:30

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