ISIS militants use water as weapon of war in Iraq

ISIS militants use water as weapon of war in Iraq
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Well it looks like it’s time for shia have to either died or do it, Because as we know all these areas are where most dams are is sunni land and in the long team even if they want to separate 3 part of the country main dams comes under the sunni land and so while shia have been acting false accusation from the west to saddaam which has been made agains saddaam but actually shia have been doing last 10 years and they now been given a best fight jet to kill the sunnis and not enough how much they kill in their prisons all over the country swiping every orisons were full of sunnis boys. I see nothing than hypocrisy of those who are supporting and calling them, they are government but we wait until shia becomes either muslim or non-muslim beause this grave worshipping cannot claim in the name of islam and shia have to be separate associating islam way of shia clams to be a muslim definitely sooner or later but those who want to support shia can do it but in the end they will die same way as shia for sure if they stick with shia corruption in sha allah.

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