How can moderate Muslims battle extremism in Islam?

How can moderate Muslims battle extremism in Islam?
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"Moderate" Muslim: what does this term even mean?

The moderate Muslim believes that Allah was pleased when the early caliphs extended Islam's reach by force of arms. However he is appalled that modern Muslim fighters follow in the footsteps of those great ones. When questioned about this he says "Times have changed! Islam should no longer be spread by violence.". Yet when a woman or child demands justice rather than archaic discrimation, this same moderate Muslim says "Women and children are still subject to Sharia laws of centuries ago; who cares that times have changed?"

The moderate Muslim moves to America and enjoys freedom and equality and opportunity and, most of all, the protected right to speak his views and practice his beliefs. He then turns on his wife and children and tells them: "I enjoy freedom but I am your Assad, your dictator; I will tell you what you must wear and where you may go and how you must please me and how I will punish you if you do not.". And his neighbors at the masjid - all moderate Muslims! - watch and smile as he puts his eleven year-old daughter into a hijab when she is too young to make her own choice, sends her to Egypt to have her clioris cut off during school vacation, keeps her from going to university and instead marries her off to a cousin at eighteen "to preserve her honor."

Yes, these moderate Muslims! They do not join Boko Haram; they do not leave their suburbs and SUVs to run wild in Nigeria, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan. They do not coerce strangers into obedience but only their own families; their hypocrisy is deep but it's sphere is small; and their willful blindness affects only their small circle of acquaintances.

Let us all praise these moderate Muslims, these brave ones, these independent thinkers, these men who have brought Islam and Muslim nations to itheir current greatness. Let us not ever, ever suspect them of being the nourishment for the cancer - violent jihadism, hypocrisy, tyranny, ignorance, blind devotion to self-setving injustice - that the author warns against.

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