Moscow talks with Iran fail

Moscow talks with Iran fail
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As a Muslim I agreed to the proposal to restrict uranium up gradation to 20%. But Law should be for All for every one either they are power or not. Ban should be on all. Because one has has given permit to do and for other it is ban and Make yourself is police man and for police man is allowed what he want to do he can . It is not fair and justice and equallity. It is cruelty ,than one should be alert and prepared For every action have reaction it is universal Law than don't expect Flowers. As Muslim we are victimise for decades that Muslim nuclear program is for Atom bomb and Muslim or Islamic Atom bomb mean destruction of Europe and USA. And due to this same Reason many Muslim countries were targeted destroyed By NATO and US directly or indirectly. Forgive the Muslims and Ban nuclear installation in All Muslim and non Muslim countries. Islam is Arabic Word Meaning Peace and peace for all

Ayub khan (not verified) Wed, 06/20/2012 - 19:44

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