Syria army, rebels ready for major Aleppo battle

Syria army, rebels ready for major Aleppo battle
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Syria army, rebels ready for major Aleppo battle

this article presented many details of the
current situation in Aleppo .

but the last 3 paragraphs seemed to be
making contradictory statements ?

are among the 48 Iranian hostages ,
members of the revolutionary guard ?

or members of Jundallah , or possible both ??

the SOLDIERS of GOD [ PRMI ] have a similar
struggle as does the FREE SYRIAN ARMY .

i would see these 2 groups as natural allies .

but , back to the subject of this article ,
the up-coming major battle for Aleppo .

first i am greatly disappointed that NATO
countries in general , and the US in particular .

that they have not done more to come to the aid
of the Syrian people .

but with Russia , China & Iran seeming to be
on the verge of forming an AXIS ?

it is understandable , why they are being so cautious .

when American media reports on the brutality of
the Assad regime .

2 comments are often discussed .
first , the daily danger of a larger cross-border war .

and secondly , the fear that terrorist elements
like Al-Qaeda will get involved .

being an American , i can honestly say
that most Americana's know little more
about countries like Syria .

than the acts of violence that they
see reported in their media .

so going against the expected American viewpoint .
i for one , hope that Al-Qaeda does get involved
in Syria ?

please , let me explain .
i have viewed Al-Qaeda as a curse on the people
of the region .

and i have viewed Al-Qaeda as a disgrace to
the believers of Islam .

falsely in the name of Islam .
Al-Qaeda has slaughtered worshipers
at Friday prayer .

Al-Qaeda has slaughtered children
at their school desk .

Al-Qaeda has slaughtered mothers
at the market place .

while they were shopping for food
to feed their families .

the sins that Al-Qaeda has committed .
can not be forgiven .

but if the members of Al-Qaeda still
desire death through Jihad ?

perhaps , just possible perhaps ?
just this one time ?
they could be a force for good ?

the people of Syria seek their freedom .
they seek their liberty .

a drowning man will grasp at a straw in
hopes of saving his life .

and Al-Qaeda has that opportunity
to be that straw !

Assad's helicopter gun-ships ,
his planes & his tanks .

they are killing Sunni & Shi'ite .
they are killing Arab & Kurd alike .

a common foe , Assad , will deliver
a common fate , death .

unless all unite for the common good .

tonowando (not verified) Mon, 08/06/2012 - 06:07

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