Syrian opposition denounces Hezbollah leader's remarks as 'nothing but threats'

Syrian opposition denounces Hezbollah leader's remarks as 'nothing but threats'
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While I may not agree with the Hezbolla's methods nor their terroristic diversity, I do view their threats as empty and more along the lines of propaganda. The warring in Syria right now is a 'holy' of 'holies' war since different religious sects have preferred interests in the conflict. This coalition sparking the article should grasp and comprehend that there is no more "Assad" regime. Those soldiers are fighting an empty cause. The FSA is recognized in the Middle East and in the Western nations to be the only voice of government in Syria. If these warring countries would take religion out of the equasion, they would find themselves reaching new levels in peace which should be their ultimate goal. The soldiers fighting for Syrian peace and those who have given up their lives to prevent Assad from murdering more citizens, will be rewarded for their humanitarian efforts to free a nation from the likes of Assad.

lightweaver1213 (not verified) Sat, 05/04/2013 - 13:27

There is no more Bashar al Assad. He is no longer recognized as the power in Syria. His regime is gone. Mr. Assad is nothing more than 'dust in the wind.' Who would ever wish to support a murderer having killed 80,000 of his countrymen? Who would support a criminal that would cause the destruction of his country? Who would honor any man who was criminal responsible for the displacement of 1.45 million Syrian citizens. Why would neighboring countries even give credence to someone like Assad who by his inhumane actions has caused a travesty of injustice to the countries who are trying to care for the Syrian refugees in their care? Mr. Assad needs to bite the bullet and leave, or risk going down kicking.

lightweaver1213 (not verified) Fri, 05/03/2013 - 15:32

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