Creeping Islamization or pre-emptive politics: what's behind Turkey's 'booze ban'?

Creeping Islamization or pre-emptive politics: what's behind Turkey's 'booze ban'?
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You've obviously never lived in Turkey nor have understood how the AKP governement has run things there. You claim that the law is strictly to do with a 100meter distance from Religious and Educational institutions along with a stricter timeframe to sell alcohol in stores. Unfortunately that's not the case, far from it. There are restaurants already refusing to sell alcohol during the day for lunches which not under the guideline of the suppsed AKP law. Unfortunately the Fehtullah Gulen movement has been influencing many AKP members of parliament, including the president, and law enforcement who have enforced some of their own social embargoes on private establishments that go against some of the 'traits' so to speak of Islam.

Some AKP members are rationalizing this law through the age old scare tactic, a lowest common denominator meant to convince a broader audience - violence. They have attributed 60 to 70% of incidents that land patients in intensive care units because of Alcohol - yet 'Honor' Killings motivated by Islam, rose to the highest in the world since the AKP came in power in 2002. Turkey is now ahead of Pakistan in terms of 'Honor' Killings, and considering Turkey's population vs Pakistans, that is a staggering and unforgivable statistic.

You make mention that the west has its problems? If the problems are so bad, why are so many Turks trying to claim asylum from their mother country to get into the west? Or claiming refugee status from a country like Turkey to immigrate themselves and their entire family to a western country? Surely it isn't as bad as you're trying to sell it. What Turkey is doing is hardly pre-emptive to 'future problems'.

So please, get your facts straight. The one credit that I will always give the AKP is that they are very good with words and very good with trying to sell themselves as 'modern' and 'moderate' islamists, when they are nothing of the sort. At the end fo the day, this is not about a law, this is about a movement that has been creeping for the last 10 years into the roots of the Turkish republic and they have clealy convinced you as well after reading your article.

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