Boko Haram and why their actions shouldn't be blamed on Islam

Boko Haram and why their actions shouldn't be blamed on Islam
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A beautiful article, except that I completely missed what The End of History and the Last Man and the other books have to do with Boko Haram. It sounds like this article is some kind of apologetic for Boko Haram, cloaked in scholarly rhetoric and quotations. Most of the mainstream media is still pretending that Boko Haram is some kind of fringe group not following the ideas of wartime prisoners and enslavement, when in fact that appears to be exactly what it is doing, following the Koran to the letter, taking prisoners, converting them, marrying them or using them as sex slaves.

The author claims: "Religions, religious doctrines and religious practices rarely remain stagnant;" Islam prides itself on not embracing any newer ideas about the value of women or human life, believing these things to be Western or evil or a betrayal of their ideology.

I believe Boko Haram's actions are a very good lens onto pure Islamic thought and action.

Night Owl (not verified) Mon, 06/09/2014 - 13:30

I would hope that there is a very small minority that follows the likes of Bill Maher and takes his word as some sort of Universal Truth. I, for one, visit various news sites - including this one - to obtain a more holistic view of any and all events. Written and spoken words need to be taken in the context of the source issuing them and weighed absolutely and relatively as such.

Thank you, Sana, for writing this piece

Erik K (not verified) Thu, 05/22/2014 - 17:28

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