March 10, 2014

Floods in the Gaza Strip in December left many people without power and forced thousands to evacuate from their homes (File Archive/AFP)
12:00 GMT

The Gaza strip's sole power plant is expected to cease operations within days after the territory finishes its last and final shipment of Qatar-donated diesel.

The Allenby Bridge is the main border crossing between Palestine, Israel and Jordan. (Image courtesy of
09:27 GMT

Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian man at the Allenby Bridge crossing with Jordan on Monday, Israel's army and witnesses said.

The recent tension between the two groups may signal the end to the reconciliation talks that both parties have recently been participating in. (AFP/File)
07:20 GMT

A Fatah official called Hamas "shameful" for its practices of raiding Fatah ceremonies and slammed its allegiance to the Muslim Brotherhood.

March 9, 2014

The U.S. previously called on Israel to halt all settlement expansion during the peace talks. Tel Aviv failed to comply. (AFP/File)
16:00 GMT

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has expressed opposition to freezing settlement construction on the Palestinian land as a condition for the extension of talks between Tel Aviv and the Palestinian Authority.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are working with President Obama and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to negotiate a peace deal. (AFP/File)
12:40 GMT

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the peace deal with Palestinians could take another year to complete. He also mentioned on Sunday that he is opposed to a settlement freeze in the West Bank.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas heads the Fatah party. (AFP/File)
08:59 GMT

Hamas policemen intervened at a ceremony to honor martyrs and arrested members of the Fatah movement.

March 8, 2014

Netanyahu wants Palestinians to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. (AFP/File)
12:45 GMT

The U.S. Department of State says recognizing Israel as a "Jewish state" is not a precondition for the peace talks between Israel and Palestine.

Victoria's Secret is on the list of companies to boycott. (AFP/File)
09:24 GMT

A new report estimates that Israel has lost 30 million dollars due to the recent boycott of Israeli products.

March 7, 2014

Current Israeli-Palestinian peace talks are set to expire in April. The Palestinians have indicated that they will not agree to extend the talks, though US Secretary of State John Kerry has been pushing for a framework agreement that would allow for the talks to continue past the April deadline. (Photo courtesy:
19:04 GMT

Kerry visits the region again to consult with the king over Israel-Palestine talks

Current Israeli-Palestinian peace talks are set to expire at the end of April. Palestinian and Israeli leaders have increasingly criticized peace talks in recent weeks, making a resolution or continuation of talks seem more unlikely.(AFP/File)
12:35 GMT

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas remains adamant in his refusal to recognize Israel as the Jewish state in current peace talks.

March 6, 2014

Lieberman will meet with both Kerry and Lavrov in Rome this week to discuss the stalled peace talks (Kevin LaMarque/AFP)
09:58 GMT

Israel's Foreign Minister is scheduled to meet with his U.S. and Russian counterparts in Rome over the ongoing deadlock in the latest round of Israel-Palestine peace talks.

Hamas and Cairo had a close relationship whilst Morsi was in power. Now he has been ousted, the interim government in Egypt is in the middle of a crackdown on all things Brotherhood. (AFP/File)
09:00 GMT

A Hamas spokesperson has denied claims that he Muslim Brotherhood's Deputy Supreme Guide Mahmoud Ezzat has died in Gaza.

Gaza has been under an Israeli blockade for years, forcing Palestinians in the territory to dig tunnels to obtain supplies covertly from other countries such as Egypt. However, the tunnels have been targeted by Egyptian authorities, causing many of them to shut down (File Archive/AFP)
07:12 GMT

Iran's deputy foreign minister rejected Israel's allegation that Tehran has been providing missiles to Gaza Strip.

March 5, 2014

Zaza played down the extent of the money crunch, saying that “we are facing hardship and not a crisis.”
20:14 GMT

The tunnels’ closure has meant losses of millions of dollars in tax income for the Hamas government.

An image of the weapons that Israel found onboard a boat "heading for Gaza and Palestinian terrorists" on Wednesday. Hamas refutes the claims. (Image courtesy of the IDF)
16:45 GMT

Hamas leaders denied the accusations that Iran was sending weapons to the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, pointing out that Gaza is under a complete naval blockade by Israel that would make any shipment of arms into the besieged coastal enclave impossible.