Humberto Quintero reacts after being hit in the groin by a foul tip
May 03, 2015 - 18:48 GMT
Groin injuries are common in sports requiring quick direction changes, acceleration and deceleration – and they’re even more common when athletes have less sport-specific training or weaker inner thigh muscles, researchers say.
Floyd Mayweather Jr., celebrates after defeating Manny Pacquiao in their welterweight unification boxing bout
May 03, 2015 - 10:52 GMT
Floyd Mayweather won the most anticipated "Fight of the Century " as he defeated Manny Pacquiao in the GRE Grand at Las Vegas.
Manny Pacquiao
May 02, 2015 - 21:28 GMT
Floyd Mayweather's father believes that his son will knock out Manny Pacquiao when the two legends square off each other for the richest fight in the history of boxing in Las Vegas on Saturday.
Floyd Mayweather
May 01, 2015 - 21:53 GMT
Floyd Mayweather says he is going to come out swinging and be the aggressor early against Manny Pacquiao when they meet in Saturday's super fight in Las Vegas.
Muhammad Ali
May 01, 2015 - 15:22 GMT
Laila Ali, the daughter of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, appears to have taken a swipe at Floyd Mayweather as the former reminded the unbeaten US boxing champion that her father is still 'the greatest' boxer of all-time.
The organising committee for the AWST has urged all Arab nations to participate in the upcoming third edition
May 01, 2015 - 15:11 GMT
The organising committee for the Arab Women’s Sports Tournament (AWST) has urged all Arab nations to participate in the third edition of the event to be held in Sharjah in February 2016.
2015 International Conference Sports for Women logo
April 30, 2015 - 13:07 GMT
A leading UAE sports official has urged aspiring Emirati sportswomen to attend the third annual International Conference Sports for Women (ICSW)...
Next F1 season to start in April
April 30, 2015 - 11:07 GMT
Formula One will see a later start to the 2016 season as the season-opening Australian Grand Prix has been scheduled for April 3.
Manny Pacquiao
April 29, 2015 - 09:45 GMT
Filipino politician-turned-boxer Manny Pacquiao has said that he is fully confident of beating unbeaten US boxing champion Floyd Mayweather despite being tipped as the 'underdog' for the much-anticipated 'fight of the century' bout on May 2 in Las Vegas.
Sheikh Ahmed Al-Mansour Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah
April 28, 2015 - 23:32 GMT
Kuwait's Public Authority for Youth and Sports chief Sheikh Ahmad Mansour Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah has stressed the need for support of sports and youth activities for Syrian refugees living under difficult conditions.
Novak Djokovic celebrates winning last year's men's singles
April 28, 2015 - 16:45 GMT
Wimbledon has again raised the bar for grand slam prize money payouts, with the All England Club announcing on Tuesday that it will pay a total equivalent of 40.5 million dollars (26.7 million pounds).