Video: Evra's outrageous antics anger French fans ahead of Euro 2012

Video: Evra's outrageous antics anger French fans ahead of Euro 2012
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Published June 3rd, 2012 - 16:35 GMT via

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Evra's disrespectful antics
Evra's disrespectful antics
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Patrice Evra

Football ace Patrice Evra's international career with France has hit rock bottom after he was caught wiping his backside with a team shirt on camera. The Manchester United star held up the jersey and sniffed it after being relegated to the subs' bench for last week's clash with Serbia, The Sun reports.

His outrageous antics, which have become a hit on YouTube, has been slammed as being "disrespectful".

Paris magazine Le 10 Sport blasted: "It was disgusting! But this gesture shows above all a real lack of respect towards the blue of France and all that it stands for".

"We struggle to imagine Evra doing the same with the Manchester United shirt," the magazine said.

The left back has already come under fire in France after he led a players' strike at the 2010 World Cup.

His position in the team is also now under threat with France due to take on England in Euro 2012 next Monday.

Le 10 Sport added: "His popularity has been falling for months, and this unacceptable act will not change the situation at all." (ANI)


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