April 21, 2014

The Lebanese army will cooperate with Hezbollah to carry out the rescue operation. (AFP/File)
13:14 GMT

Lebanese Interior Minister Nouhad Machnouk said Monday that a plan to rescue a Lebanese border town cut off by Syrian troops will go into effect on Tuesday.

Earlier this month, much needed aid and humanitarian supplies were delivered to rebel-held areas of Aleppo by the Syrian Red Crescent and the UN on Wednesday for the first time in 10 months. (AFP)
12:25 GMT

Humanitarian convoys have entered Syria’s northern city of Aleppo as the Syrian army has secured the highway to the city.

Syria's parliamentary speaker announced the June 3 vote date Monday this week (Courtesy of Al Jazeera)
11:58 GMT

Syria's parliamentary speaker announced Monday that the country will hold presidential elections on June 3 despite the ongoing civil war.

In this file photo, a pro-Assad supporter stands outside the parliamentary building in Damascus where mortar shells killed five people on Monday morning. (AFP/File)
10:11 GMT

A pair of mortar shells hit near the Syrian government's parliament building in central Damascus on Monday killing five people, state media reported.

According to UN figures, 20,000 civilians are at risk of starving to death in Yarmouk. (AFP/File)
07:02 GMT

The United Nations says its food aid has finished in the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk in the Syrian capital Damascus.

April 20, 2014

The four men are accused of planning to help "would-be" jihadists enter Syria from Jordan. (AFP/File)
20:00 GMT

Four citizens residing in the Jordanian city of Irbid were arrested late last week for allegedly attempting to facilitate the entry of “would-be Islamist fighters” into Syria, according to Islamist and official sources.

File photo shows Syrian President Bashar al-Assad receiving Greek Orthodox Patriarch John Yazigi in Damascus. (Photo courtesy of PressTV)
17:00 GMT

Syria’s Greek Orthodox Patriarch told President Bashar Assad on Sunday that Christians in the country will not “submit and yield” to extremists fighting against the Syrian government.

France has information but no solid proof that the Syrian government is still using chemical weapons, President Francois Hollande said Sunday. (AFP/File)
16:00 GMT

France has information but no solid proof that the Syrian government is still using chemical weapons, President Francois Hollande said Sunday.

The picture uploaded on the official Facebook page of the Syrian Presidency on April 20, 2014, shows Syria's President Bashar al-Assad looking at icons as he visits a monastery in the ancient Christian town of Maaloula. (Photo courtesy of Facebook)
12:47 GMT

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has visited the recently recaptured Christian town of Maaloula on the occasion of Easter.

Toulin is one lucky lady for surviving death twice! (Image: Facebook)
10:15 GMT

Actress Toulin Al Bakri is one lucky cat, we mean woman, for surviving two missile attacks in Syria!

Zoe Saldana is best known for her roles in Avatar and as the new Uhura in the resurrected Star Trek franchise. The proudly black Latina actress from Dominica has been broadcasting her other DNA, confirming in a recent TV interview that she is also part Lebanese, loves Lebanese cooking and is uber-proud of her Middle Eastern roots.
09:02 GMT

Wake up Hollywood - Western entertainment is overdue for an Arab awakening! Here's Al-Bawaba's list of 10 influential celebrities you didn't know had Arab roots.

Sigrid Kaag, the special coordinator of the joint mission of the U.N. and the OPCW, reported that Syria should be able to meet the April deadline. (AFP/File)
07:18 GMT

OPCW recently announced that Syria has either shipped out or destroyed nearly 80% of its chemical weapons.

The United Nations has previously talked of the "apocalyptic scenes" coming out of Yarmouk. (AFP/UNWRA/File)
07:16 GMT

The United Nations last night warned that more than 20,000 civilians are in imminent danger of starving to death in a Palestinian refugee camp that has become a key battleground in the Syrian civil war.

April 19, 2014

Syrian army attack: The remote town, home to 3,000 Lebanese and around 5,000 Syrian refugees was also reportedly attacked on Tuesday (File/AFP)
11:33 GMT

Lebanese villagers and Syrian refugees fled from the town Tfail, after Syria's army launched a series of artillery strikes in the area.

Abdullah Deghayes entered Syria in February despite his parents disapproval (Photo: Facebook)
10:26 GMT

An 18-year-old British national has died in Syria, while fighting alongside rebels in Syria. Abdullah Deghayes from Sussex entered Syria through the Turkish border.