April 2, 2014

Armenian Hollywood personality Kim Kardashian draws attention to the Syrian city of Kessab with her Tweets.
12:27 GMT

Take that, Twitter! The soon-to-be Mrs. Kanye West has joined a social media campaign to save the Armenian Christian village of Kessab in war-torn Syria through a series of tweets.

Jarba was elected to serve as the opposition coalition president for the first time in June 2013, and re-elected to the leadership position in January 2014 (File Archive/AFP)
07:08 GMT

Syrian opposition leader Ahmad Jarba allegedly visited Latakia Tuesday as violent clashes escalate between rebel and regime fighters in the coastal province.

April 1, 2014

Aid distribution resumed this week in the besieged town of Yarmouk, according to Syria's state news agency (SANA/AFP)
14:23 GMT

Some sources say that rebel fighters have claimed strategic positions in ongoing fighting in Latakia, while others sources suggest that the regime still has the upper hand in the coastal province.

Angelina Jolie talking with Syrian refugee children (Image: screenshot from video posted on YouTube).
09:15 GMT

While the world attention span has gotten increasingly shorter, Angelina Jolie is pushing faces back towards the crisis in Syria.

Turkey has warned Syria that there will be a heavy response if Syrian jets or rockets cross into Turkish territory again. (AFP/File)
07:17 GMT

The Turkish army fired artillery into Syria Monday after a Syrian rocket hit a Turkish mosque.

The Syrian conflict is now in its fourth year and has killed over 400,000 people. (AFP/File)
06:59 GMT

The Syrian Army reportedly seized a key hilltop in Latakia after intense fighting Monday.

March 31, 2014

The programme aims to offer an environment that gives a sense of normality, purpose and hope to vulnerable youths who are forced to live in refugee camps, the statement said.
06:44 GMT

The programme includes several training disciplines, including tailoring, electrical wiring, IT and business skills, as well as supporting classes in Arabic, mathematics and life skills.

Regime barrel bomb attacks have targeted Syria's Aleppo on an almost daily basis (File Archive/AFP)
06:44 GMT

Regime forces have continued to execute air strikes on rebel strongholds over Sunday and advanced their efforts to take over the mountainous Qalamoun region near the Lebanese border.

March 30, 2014

The picture Ayman posted of himself on Facebook last week. (Image: Facebook)
07:22 GMT

Ayman Reda posted a picture of himself looking badly injured by a missile in Syria.

March 29, 2014

The U.S. faced criticism for its inaction in Syria, but many believe U.S. military involvement would have further fanned the flames of the complex conflict. (AFP/File)
10:46 GMT

In a televised interview Friday, U.S. President Barack Obama said military action could not have prevented the Syrian civil war.

March 28, 2014

Trapped Palestinian families caught in the middle of Syria's civil war (File/AFP)
10:15 GMT

Palestinians are continuing to struggle inside Yarmouk refugee camp, close to the Syrian capital as the humanitarian crisis worsens.

It is unclear who controls the oil fields, according to human rights groups (File/AFP)
06:29 GMT

ISIS and Islamist groups sustained casualties on Thursday after a battle for the Jafra oil field, east of Syria.

March 27, 2014

As the Syrian conflict enters its third year, the Assad regime has been gaining ground throughout parts of the country.  (AFP/File)
18:26 GMT

The explosion killed one and injured eleven others.

The Syrian Army recently seized the strategic town of Yabroud. (AFP/File)
13:00 GMT

The Syrian Army and Hezbollah are making advances on the town of Flita.

Rebels fighter stand on the images of the late Syrian president Hafez al-Assad (R) and his son present Syrian President Bashar al-Assad at the Kasab border crossing with Turkey, in the northwestern province of Latakia.
12:00 GMT

Syria has formally called on the United Nations to take all essential measures to halt Turkish involvement in rebel offensives taking place in Syria’s Kasab district.