October 29, 2014

The institute will be based in the US, according to Moataz Al Khayyat, the head of the Al Khayyat Group in the GCC.
17:55 GMT

Leading Syrian business group based in the GCC will establish a center in the Middle East as part of its efforts to rebuild Syria.

Millions of Syrians have fled the civil war. (AFP/File)
17:49 GMT

A Syrian army helicopter allegedly dropped two barrel bombs on a displaced persons camp in Idlib Wednesday.

Islamic State militants are believed to be making up to $3 million a day from seized oil and gas refineries in Iraq and Syria (File/AFP)
11:02 GMT

The Islamic State attacked an oil and gas field Wednesday, killing at least 30 of the Syrian regime's forces, according to a London-based human rights group.

Lebanese boys look at a bullet-riddled Islamist mural in Tripoli's Bab al-Tabbaneh neighborhood on Oct. 28. Three days of fierce fighting between Lebanese forces and armed Islamists killed at least 16 and forced thousands to flee. (AFP/Ibrahim Chalhoub)
08:17 GMT

A Lebanese military official said that as many as 500 Islamist militants had taken part in the four-day battle against Lebanese security and military forces.

Maryam, a refugee from Syria, smiles as her family talks with reporters in 2013 at Jordan's Zaatari refugee camp (Albawaba File Photo/J. Zach Hollo).
07:22 GMT

Jordan's foreign minister said that until a political solution to the Syrian crisis is reached, there is an urgent need for a bigger international response to support host countries, especially Jordan.

A report from the Washington Institute found that poverty is a root cause for violence and terrorism (File/AFP)
07:18 GMT

Is it time to make the most of the anti-IS sentiment across Lebanon? According to a recent report, around one percent of the country's Sunni population supports IS and it's not just terrorism that's to blame.

Kurds in Turkey celebrate as a convoy of peshmerga fighters cross at the Habur border along the Turkish-Iraqi border with heavy weapons on Oct. 29. (AFP/Ilyas Akengin)
06:51 GMT

The Kurdish regional government in Iraq has sent its forces to fight alongside the Kurdish groups in Kobani under a special arrangement with Turkey.

The US has donated up to $3 billion in humanitarian aid for displaced Syrians since March, 2011 (File/AFP)
06:01 GMT

US authorities said they would donate an additional $10 million in humanitarian aid through the UN for Syrian refugees.

The father of Jaffar Deghayes holds up a photo of his other son Abdullah, who was also killed fighting in Syria (Image: The Independent)
05:30 GMT

A 17-year-old British Muslim was killed fighting Bashar al-Assad's forces in Syria five months after his brother joined the militant group al-Nusra Front and also died.

October 28, 2014

Fighting ended between Lebanon's army and militants in the port city of Tripoli where over 42 people were killed (File/AFP)
17:00 GMT

Lebanon's army arrested 83 suspected militants during a widespread clampdown in northern Lebanon Tuesday after 42 people were killed during clashes in Tripoli.

Lebanon is now home to over 1.5 million Syrian refugees fleeing the neighboring conflict (File/AFP)
16:00 GMT

Lebanon's Prime Minister Tamman Salam on Tuesday called on the international community to fund the mass influx of Syrian refugees in the country.

Assad's regime continues to battle multiple insurgent groups inside Syria. (AFP/File)
09:53 GMT

Syrian military forces have repelled an offensive by al-Qaeda-linked militants against the northwestern city of Idlib

John Cantlie has been featured in multiple IS propaganda videos. (Photo courtesy of YouTube)
08:23 GMT

IS militants have released a new video with British hostage John Cantlie.

Millions of Syrians have fled the raging violence in their country. (AFP/File)
08:10 GMT

Children in refugee camps in Lebanon are often forced to work for incredibly low wages to help their impoverished families.

The Syrian-Turkish border town has been the scene of fierce battles between Kurdish groups and IS since mid-September. (AFP/File)
06:42 GMT

Iraqi Kurdish fighters are waiting on a green light from Turkey to enter into Kobani and fight IS militants.