December 1, 2014

Nobody could really argue with any of this presentation, except to note that timing is everything for small business and expanding into a recession is suicidal
15:20 GMT

‘I’ve been through five recessions in my 49 years in Dubai and we are preparing for another,’ he said.

Both U.S. crude and Brent have fallen for five straight months, oil’s longest losing streak since the 2008 financial crisis.
11:43 GMT

Just when the market was thinking that a four-year low for crude oil was bad enough, we have hit a five-year low.

Prince Harry has been spotted smoking from a shisha pipe onboard a yacht in Abu Dhabi. (Image: DM)
10:02 GMT

The tearaway Prince Harry is back with a vengeance royal-yacht style!

The crowds went crazy for both Pharrell Williams and Ragheb Alama in Abu Dhabi. (Images: Facebook)
08:45 GMT

What's not to love with local and global faves storming the Abu Dhabi "Ya Salam" stage?

November 30, 2014

600 buses will be supplied by the United Arab Emirates to Egypt next February
21:53 GMT

The 600 buses provided by the UAE will cover around 44.5% of the requirements of the Public Transport Authority in Cairo.

Star Wars 7 is forcing its way into theaters next month. (Image: Facebook)
09:30 GMT

The real deal was released on Friday, but a couple days before that a very well made fake came out. In both clips, a very familiar UAE desert is visible.

SJP as her character Carrie Bradshaw while trying on some Manolo Blahniks! (Image: Google)
09:15 GMT

Sarah Jessica Parker to launch her new shoe line in Dubai this December. Can we have a pair in size 4, please?

Breanna cutely poses next to a taxi rank in Dubai. (Image: Instagram)
08:04 GMT

What do you do when you have a cute little girl? You make her more famous than Cameron Diaz, of course!

Kicksound performing during Gulf Bike Week on November 1, 2014. (Image: Facebook)
06:49 GMT

Those not lucky enough to snatch Abu Dhabi Grand Prix concert tix still managed to get some good music in over the weekend. The hard rock trio Kicksound belted out an anthemic set on the Corniche.

November 28, 2014

Nour El-Sherif will be honored at the Dubai International Film Festival in December. (Image: Facebook)
06:00 GMT

Amir Ramses's star-studded feature will screen as part of the Arabian Nights program at the 11th Dubai International Film Festival, which runs 10-17 December.

November 26, 2014

Aside from the high-flying food delivery system, the 378-seat restaurant also provides guests with an option to order from handheld devices.
19:15 GMT

Abu Dhabi-based food and beverage firm The Roller Coaster Restaurant has launched ROGO’s, a roller coaster inspired casual dining concept.

Kimmy lands in LA following an 11-day business trip. (Image: Daily Mail)
13:57 GMT

Kim Kardashian is back home in LA after a globe-trotting business trip, which included Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Gaining overwhelming investor response, the IPO of Emaar Malls Group had recorded total orders of over AED172 billion ($46.8 billion).
11:26 GMT

The Special Cash Dividend follows the successful IPO and listing of the Emaar Malls Group.

Kim at The Dubai Mall on her first visit to the UAE. (Image: Facebook)
09:56 GMT

American socialite Kim Kardashian was welcomed by UAE royalty into their country last week, while Egyptian actress Hanan Turk was refused entry into their soil.

The healthy fast food outlet currently has six branches in Dubai. (Image: Eat Easily)
09:07 GMT

Leading Dubai-based fast food chain Kcal will expand in the MENA region and announced 14 new branches in Egypt.