March 9, 2014

Interior Minister Abdo Tareb announces new security measures Sunday to crack down on violence throughout Yemen (Mohammed Huwais/AFP)
11:27 GMT

Yemen's interim president has ordered a panel to create a constitution that would divide Yemen into a six-region federation while attacks in the country's northwest continued, leaving at least thirty dead thus far.

March 5, 2014

According to initial reports, four Al Qaeda suspects were killed in Wednesday's drone attack in Yemen. (AFP/File)
14:58 GMT

Washington has carried out its fourth assassination drone strike over the past few days in Yemen, killing four Al Qaeda suspects.

March 3, 2014

Human Rights Watch has called on the U.S. to review its drone practices. (AFP/File)
11:14 GMT

At least three people have been killed in a airstrike carried out by a U.S. assassination drone in Yemen’s eastern province of Mareb, local media reported Monday.

March 2, 2014

Tribesman in the area have previously blocked roads and blown up pipelines and related supply routes in protest against a recent killing of one of their main tribal chiefs (Courtesy of Arabian Oil and Gas)
15:53 GMT

Six crew members of a Yemeni military plane were kidnapped Sunday after the plane made an emergency landing in the eastern part of the country.

February 27, 2014

Yemen security officials have been frequent targets of militant attacks throughout the country (Mohammed Huwais/AFP)
07:25 GMT

A Yemeni security officer was killed by multiple gun wounds while at a restaurant in the southeast of the country.

February 26, 2014

The U.N's U.S. envoy described the move as "forward-leaning". (AFP/File)
18:12 GMT

A Security Council resolution that sets up a committee to sanction individuals interfering with Yemen's progress is "forward-leaning," the U.S. envoy said.

February 25, 2014

President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi will oversee Yemen's transition. (AFP/File)
09:15 GMT

The U.N. Security Council will adopt a resolution that imposes sanctions against anyone who interferes with the state-building process in Yemen.

February 20, 2014

U.S. policy on drone strikes is increasingly controversial. (AFP/File)
08:26 GMT

An international human rights group urges the U.S. to investigate a drone strike in Yemen that killed members of a wedding procession.

February 18, 2014

Pressure on French energy giant Total to pay more for liquefied natural gas that it ships from Yemen has intensified.
03:55 GMT

Last week, official news agency Saba quoted unnamed judicial sources as saying the government’s Public Funds Prosecution service, had started to probe the arrangement with Total.

February 13, 2014

Yemeni soldiers stand guard outside the central prison after gunmen tried to storm it on February 13, 2014 in Sanaa. A Yemeni policeman was killed and four wounded when security forces repulsed the gunmen. [AFP]
19:39 GMT

Militants attacks the central prison of the Yemeni capital Sanaa on Thursday helping at least 14 inmates, mostly al-Qaeda members escape, security sources said.

February 12, 2014

An Iraqi stands on a pickup that was seized from anti-government fighters affiliated to the Al-Qaeda Islamist organization during a military operation led by Iraqi soldiers and policemen. [AFP]
05:49 GMT

Twenty-nine men who have been captured over the last few years have been extradited to the country of Saudi for trial.

February 11, 2014

The new six-region federation does not divide wealth fairly, northern Shiite rebels said Tuesday. (AFP/File)
10:26 GMT

Rebels from Yemen's Shiite north have rejected a plan that would divide the country into a six-region federation, saying that it does not distribute wealth fairly or evenly.

The Yemeni secretary general of a campaign entitled "Rescue" organized by the Independent Youth movement, Nora Al-Jowri, takes part in a demonstration demanding the government resign. [AFP]
04:00 GMT

As part of its political transition, Yemen will move towards a six-region federation.

February 9, 2014

The explosion that killed Colonel Hussein was caused by a bomb planted under the seat in his car. [presstv]
11:36 GMT

A Yemeni intelligence officer was killed after an explosion detonated in his car wounding three others.

February 6, 2014

A Yemeni soldier inspects a damaged car at the site of an explosion in Sanaa. [AFP]
05:37 GMT

After ceasefire between Suuni and Shiite locals broke down, Houthi rebels advanced on the capital of Sanaa.