Emirates Youth Symphony Orchestra celebrates 7th Emirates International Peace Music Festival

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Published April 3rd, 2011 - 06:38 GMT
The Emirates Youth Symphony Orchestra will perform today in Sharjah, April 3
The Emirates Youth Symphony Orchestra will perform today in Sharjah, April 3

Celebrating the unifying spirit of ‘Bilad Al Khayr’, ‘The Land of Blessings’ and the harmony that is created by music and the arts, The Emirates Youth Symphony Orchestra (EYSO) has partnered together with the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Premiere Music College, Prague to celebrate the 7th Emirates International Peace Music Festival as part of the Abu Dhabi Festival’s thriving community programme. The group of talented young performers, from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures, have seamlessly combined to present a magnificent programme of music. 

Under the guidance of EYSO Director, Riad Kudsi and Music Director and Conductor Ladislav Cigler the cultural collaboration has already visited Dubai and Abu Dhabi on its tour, with performances in Sharjah and Fujairah remaining. This fantastic tour of young prodigies supports Abu Dhabi Festival’s community programme aim to embed the arts and music in communities across the seven Emirates. 

The 7th Emirates International Peace Music Festival has performed at the Fujairah Amphitheatre on Friday, 1st April, and is travelling to Sharjah for a performance on Sunday, 3rd April. Admission is free, for timings and more details please visit www.abudhabifestival.ae.

Background Information

Abu Dhabi Festival

Abu Dhabi Festival is organized by the Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation. The Festival is the UAE's foremost celebration of art and culture bringing together the greatest musicians, performers and artists from both the East and West in the heart of the United Arab Emirates. It seeks to reflect the determination of the capital to take the lead in cultural understanding.

Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation

Through arts education, community arts and special projects, Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation (ADMAF) has been nurturing creativity across the UAE for more than two decades. Since its establishment by Huda Alkhamis-Kanoo in 1996, it has been at the forefront of the UAE’s arts sector, inspiring young people, the public and artists, enabling creative expression through a wide range of programmes and projects. By bringing together audiences and institutions, the Foundation has helped embed arts and culture in the heart of the nation.

It seeks to nurture the arts, education, culture and creativity for the benefit of society and the advancement of Abu Dhabi’s cultural vision, motivated by the belief that culture is the key that unlocks a nation’s creativity and the language that transcends borders. Culture is the anchor that unites a nation and ADMAF undertakes a broad range of initiatives and events each year to bring together diverse audiences in the UAE and internationally. As well as fostering close communities and cross-cultural dialogues, the Foundation also recognises the fundamental right for every person, regardless of age or ability, to access, understand and appreciate cultural expression.

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