Al Aan TV exclusive interview with the first witness of mercenaries’ presence in Libya

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Published April 4th, 2011 - 12:21 GMT

A representative of Al Aan TV in Libya has taped an exclusive interview with Chad national Bashir Mohammad who is considered the first witness to African mercenaries engaged by Qaddafi to fight against rebels and kill Libyans. Bashir, who is currently at the Libya-Tunisia border, alleged he was offered $30,000USD by Qaddafi forces to kill Libyan rebels but he refused, while other mercenaries from Chad agreed to the offer.  He added that Chad mercenaries are currently on the battleground fighting alongside Qaddafi forces. 

The Libyan observer and political analyst Mohammad Al-Toomi and the Deputy Secretary General of The National Front for the Salvation of Libya, Mohammed Ali Abdallah were invited to comment on the issue in the exclusive interview on the Al Youm program which aired at 15:00 local UAE time. 

Mohammad Al Toomi revealed that since the beginning of the fighting, Libyan and non-Libyan sources have enlisted African mercenaries who don’t realize the situation they will confront in Libya. As the truth of the involvement became clear, many of them have refused to fight against the Libyan people. 

The former Libyan Prime Minister Mubarak Al-Shamekh joined the interview by phone. He said “what the Chad witness Mohammad Al Bashir said is more evidence of the Libyan Regime’s crimes”. 

The former Libyan diplomat Ali Zaidan from Cairo appealed to Chad President Idris Debi in a phone call requesting a stop to support for Qaddafi’s regime and supplying Qaddafi with thugs. He called for a secure free zone for relief operations because relief groups are unable to move while Al-Qaddafi is bombing Libyan cities. 

The Consulate General of Chad in Jeddah, Mohammad Al-Mastoor Al-Said joined the interview to comment on the issue of Chad mercenaries requisitioned by Qaddafi. He declared that his country is far from these events and does not get involved in the internal issues of Libya. He asserted that Libya is joining the African Union and the world attempting eagerly to solve the crisis amicably. 

The studio guest Mohammed Ali Abdallah, Deputy Secretary General of The National Front for the Salvation of Libya, said, “there is a delay from the international community regarding aid and armament to the rebels”. 

At the end of the interview, the Libyan opponent, Zakariya Sahd alleged, from Doha, that Qaddai’s inner circle shows signs of cracking. He stated that the visit of Mohammad Ismail, the delegate of Saif Al Islam Al Qaddafi, to Britain was to provide excuses for the psychological state of Colonial Qaddafi for what has happened over the last two weeks. He wanted to discuss the situations in Libya and a secure exit.  

The interview can be viewed on this link: http://akhbar.alaan.TV/video/alaan-reports/Bashir-Mahmoud-first-witness-presence-mercenaries-Libya

Background Information

Al Aan TV

Al Aan TV was launched out of Dubai Media City. It is an Arabic infotainment channel that targets the Arab family, especially its women. Apart from an hourly update of news, it airs programmes on fashion, cookery, health and human interest, all of which are produced exclusively for the channel from Dubai and Lebanon. 

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