Al-Manhal debuts the world’s first Arabic researchable content platform

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Published July 5th, 2011 - 11:14 GMT
Al Manhal’s database was created specifically for academics, researchers and scientists
Al Manhal’s database was created specifically for academics, researchers and scientists

Al-Manhal, the world's first Arabic electronic researchable content platform, recently announced the official launch of its database, offering libraries around the world with the opportunity to cost-effectively access the full-text output of the Arab world's leading research institutions and publishing houses. 

Al Manhal is a joint venture between TechKnowledge, the Middle East’s leading electronic library consultancy, and Wolters Kluwer (aka Ovid), a global publisher and provider of academic and professional electronic information. Al Manhal’s database was created specifically for academics, researchers and scientists, with a robust platform that combines the portability and user-friendliness of PDF file formats with the search-ability and utility of the world’s most intelligent electronic research platforms.

“Al-Manhal’s prime objective is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and valuable ideas and the creation of new income streams that are necessary for funding the progress of research and publishing in the Arab world,” commented the company’s CEO Mohamad Al Baghdadi. “This region offers a massive backlog of quality content that constitutes as an invaluable asset for global libraries. Our database offers the largest and most comprehensive collection of Arabic and Arab-related content, all delivered through a powerful platform that utilizes cutting-edge technologies that considerably facilitate the research process.”

In the initial phase of its launch, Al-Manhal’s collection of e-books will cover key areas, including business and economics, educational sciences, Islamic studies, and social sciences. The database will be updated on a regular basis to deliver the region’s latest intellectual produce and will continually broaden its scope of content to include more categories. Upcoming collections will cover topics like law, political sciences, international relations, language, literature, history, geography, biography, and more. 

Al Manhal partnered with ebrary, the world’s leading electronic book publishing and distribution platform, which is trusted by over 500 of the world’s principal publishers and more than 4000 universities in 140 countries. By Arabizing and integrating ebrary into its platform, Al Manhal provides Arab publishers with the same solutions that so many of the world’s leading publishers trust and use for the electronic distribution of their content.

Additionally, the company’s database will provide key technologies geared specifically towards libraries, publishers and independent researchers alike, including advanced search, digital rights management, social networking integration, and others, making it one of the most versatile and powerful content-sharing platforms in the world.  

“Al Manhal has licensed and Arabized the e-content platforms from Ovid and ebrary in order to create the world’s first intelligent information platform for content from the Arab world,” explains Al Baghdadi. “Our platform is designed to enhance the research experience through maximizing content discoverability and utility, all the while ensuring copyright protection for publishers.”

Background Information

Al Manhal

Al Manhal, the world’s first Arabic full-text database provider, is the result of 20 years electronic publishing experience of Mohamad Al-Baghdadi. He co-founded and managed international sales for ebrary, the leading ebook technology company. 

Through his global and regional electronic publishing experience, he saw a critical need for research and professional content from the Arab world to be accessible throughout the region and the world. He recognized that while there is a growing emphasis on education and research in the region, there is a lack of cost-effective and reliable method for publishing and distributing the output of that research. In turn research without the corresponding publishing and distribution has minimal impact, and is an absolute waste of the region’s intellectual assets, research activities and budgets.

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