Jordan Department Nixes New Passports, Rankles Citizens

منشور 02 أيّار / مايو 2001 - 02:00

A month-old measure adopted by the Department of Passports and Civil Registration, which extends the validity of expired passports instead of issuing new ones, is angering many citizens lined up for passport renewals, said the Jordan Times. 

Department director Awni Yervas was quoted by the paper as saying that the measure was part of Jordan's new strategy to prevent citizens from circumventing proper procedures. 

According to the daily, diplomatic sources speculate that the decision was taken to halt the practice of some Jordanians, who are skirting residency and citizenship regulations in Western countries, especially the US and Canada. 

In the US and Canada, for example, if a foreigner acquires a green card, he or she is required to enter the US or Canada every six months to maintain residency. 

“There is no harm in extending the same passport, especially after the department has begun to use new highly-secured automated passports to meet international standards,” Yervas told the Jordan Times on Tuesday.  

But some angry citizens who had lined up to renew their passports argued with department employees when they were told their only option was to extend the validity period.  

“I paid JD20 and I have the right to obtain a new passport,” a 32-year-old man said, adding: “My sister was 10 years old when her passport was issued in 1992; she has grown up now and is wearing a veil, but the department still insists on extending the passport.” –

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