Egypt: Training camp for young couples

Published December 25th, 2010 - 07:13 GMT

For the first time, Egypt has recently invited 300 young men and women who plan to enter the "golden cage" of marriage in order to prepare and train them for the new period in life. This move came especially in light of the rise in divorce rates in the first years of marriage, according to recent studies. It should be mentioned that Egypt has the highest divorce rate in the Arab world. According to official statistics, a couple in Egypt gets divorced every six minutes. Once considered a social taboo, the issue has been be discussed openly and frequently. 

The idea of establishing this special camp was initiated by the "Association of Great Heart." members of this NGO said they decided to launch the camp after learning about many complaints by married couples, including those related to violence against women, or the wrong behavior of the wife or husband in wedlock resulting in many problems up to the divorce. Fairoz Omar, the President of the organization, said: "We have found these problems come most as a result of lack of marriage culture, so we thought of establishing a training camp for 300 youth for a period of five days with funding from the Ministry of Family and Population and USAID. Through this camp, we are training the young people how to choose their partner and how to deal with it." She added: "This camp does not only include lectures, but also includes workshops for interaction with family issues." She stressed that the workshops are seperate for men and women.


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