ElBaradei - Mossad links questioned

Published July 7th, 2011 - 07:56 GMT

Questions surround Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, the probable Egyptian president elect.  Dr. ElBaradei comes from the West where he spent his whole life carrying the principle Egyptians thought would never come true, civil disobedience.  However, Dr. ElBaradei has succeeded, and now no one knows whether the Egyptian revolution was achieved thanks to US help or not. US officials themselves said they had trained a large group of youths to mobilize the masses on Facebook.

The recent trial of the Jordanian spy, Bashar Abu Zaid, accused of spying on Egypt for the Israeli Mossad, has cast further suspicions on Dr. ElBaradei.  During the trial, Zaid said the Israeli Mossad asked him to promote Dr. ElBaradei as head of the International Energy Agency and as a candidate for the next presidential election.  When asked how he promoted Dr. ElBaradei, he said it was done by talking with close friends to improve his image and character in Egypt.

On the other hand, Dr. ElBaradei topped the results of a poll by the armed forces, as the presidential candidate most likely to win, followed by Salim Al-Awa in 2nd place, with Amr Moussa greatly diminished. Dr. ElBaradei had already been surrounded with doubt for implementing an American plan and receiving funding for it. (Source: www.yallafinance.com)


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