Blue Coat introduces comprehensive web security for broader range of businesses

Press release
Published January 12th, 2011 - 11:19 GMT

Blue Coat Systems, Inc., a leading provider of Web security and WAN optimization solutions, today introduced the Blue Coat ProxyOne appliance.  The ProxyOne appliance brings the same enterprise-class Web security used by 88 percent of the FORTUNE Global 500 to organizations that require a low-touch solution at an affordable price point. 

For organizations with limited IT resources, the growing use of social media, combined with the rapid evolution of Web-based threats, presents a significant risk.  In 2010, 70 percent of small and medium-sized businesses were using social media tools.  According to Panda Security, 30 percent of those businesses reported malware infections spread via social networks.  Traditional network security solutions adopted by these businesses, such as firewalls and desktop anti-virus software, cannot keep pace with these increasingly sophisticated Web-based threats.  Instead, comprehensive protection requires a Web security defense to complement these traditional defenses.   

“The shift in business to the Web has exposed small and large businesses alike to greater risk, yet smaller businesses often lack the financial and IT resources to protect their users, making them more vulnerable to rapidly evolving Web-based threats,” said Lawrence Orans, research director at Gartner.  “These smaller businesses need the same type of Web security that is commonly found in large enterprises but in a solution that is easy to manage, affordable and doesn’t require them to be security experts.”  

The Blue Coat ProxyOne appliance integrates Web filtering, inline malware and anti-virus scanning and on-box reporting to enable safer use of Web 2.0 applications.  To provide protection from the latest threats without requiring Web security expertise, ProxyOne appliances can be deployed and configured in six steps by an IT generalist.  They also include pre-configured policies and deliver automatic software upgrades and immediate security updates.  By integrating advanced Web security technologies into a low-touch platform, the ProxyOne appliances deliver the following benefits: 

  • Real-time Web Defense: For real-time ratings and immediate protection against Web threats, ProxyOne appliances utilize Blue Coat WebFilter and connect to the cloud-based Blue Coat WebPulse™ service.  With more than 70 million users providing real-time requests into the service, WebPulse provides a comprehensive and current Web defense.  Additionally, Blue Coat security experts continually update the WebPulse defenses to protect against new threats. This protection is extended to remote users through Blue Coat ProxyClient software at no additional cost.
  • Security without Compromising Performance:  With inline malware and anti-virus scanning at the Web gateway, ProxyOne appliances block malware executables before they get on the network.  Utilizing advanced caching technologies, ProxyOne appliances speed the scanning process with a “scan once, serve many” model, so businesses don’t have to compromise performance for security. 
  •  Identify Infected End Users:  ProxyOne appliances provide detailed on-box reporting of Web-based user activity, including potentially infected end users, compliance with usage policies and the number of threats attempting to access the network.  A user-friendly interface allows businesses to customize the primary reporting window to best suit their requirements and concerns.
  • Prevent Video Floods:  Utilizing a combination of patented stream-splitting and caching technologies, ProxyOne appliances prevent “video floods” that are caused when online video saturates the network, potentially stopping the network from responding to requests.

 “Blue Coat has a long history of leadership in the enterprise Web security market,” said Nigel Hawthorn, VP EMEA Marketing, Blue Coat Systems.  “By integrating leading Web security technologies into a single appliance that is easy to deploy, configure and manage, a broader range of businesses can now benefit from Blue Coat’s leading Web security technology.” 

Pricing and Availability

Blue Coat ProxyOne appliances are now available.  Pricing for the first year starts at $8,999 (AED 32,846) for 100 users, which includes the appliance, software licenses, automatic security updates and 24X7 support.  The appliance can scale to support up to 2,000 users.  

ProxyOne appliances are also now available for a 30-day evaluation period under the new Blue Coat Try-and-Buy program offered through authorized Channel Advantage Partners.