Business Software Alliance and UAE Institute of Training and Judicial Studies conduct IP seminar and workshop for judges, lawyers and anti-piracy law enforcement authorities

Press release
Published January 6th, 2011 - 01:43 GMT

Business Software Alliance (BSA), the world’s foremost advocate for the software industry, in association with the UAE Institute of Training and Judicial Studies (ITJS), a leading center of law studies and judicial training in UAE, has recently conducted a training activity for judges, lawyers, police officials and anti-piracy law enforcement authorities from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah at ITJS’s premises in Sharjah. The initiative is part of efforts to maintain the UAE’s status as the country with the lowest software piracy rate in the Gulf. 

A special awarding ceremony was held on the sidelines of the event to honour key officials for their strong support for the sustained success of anti-piracy campaigns. The honorees included H.E. Mohammed Ahmed Bin Abdul Aziz Al Shihi, UAE Ministry of Economy Undersecretary; Consultant Dr. Mahmoud Mohamed Al Kamali, General Manager, UAE Institute of Training and Judicial Studies; Major General Ahmed Nasser Al Raisi, Director General of Central Operations at Abu Dhabi Police; Sharjah Police Chief Hamid Mohammed Al-Hudaidi; and Major Salah Juma Bu Osaiba, Director of the Economic Crime Unit at Dubai Police. 

“The fight against piracy can only be won if the people who enforce local IP laws are well-prepared and highly-knowledgeable. The training activities will equip legal practitioners and authorities with the tools, information and techniques needed to address the growing software piracy threat. UAE has the Arab World’s lowest piracy rate,” said Dr. Mahmoud Mohamed Al Kamali, General Manager, UAE Institute of Training and Judicial Studies. 

“Software piracy cannot be conquered by only one person or group; it has to be fought in a unified and organized manner. Our partnership with ITJS consolidates our anti-piracy capabilities to come up with a more effective approach against this major socio-economic threat. We hope that other concerned agencies will collaborate with us to improve the levels of anti-piracy enforcement in the UAE. We would also like to thank the honorees for supporting our efforts to create a piracy-free environment as they make our work easier and more productive,” added Jawad Al Redha, BSA Chair, Gulf Region.

 “Software counterfeiting negatively impacts local and global economic growth, stifles innovation, puts consumers and businesses at risk, and takes business opportunity away from the legitimate resale channel. Our view is that effective enforcement actions, along with education and engineering efforts, play a vital role in reducing piracy in a country. This is why training initiatives like this are so important and readily supported by BSA members like Microsoft,” said Dale Waterman, Corporate Attorney Anti-Piracy for Microsoft for the Middle East and Africa region. 

Background Information

Institute of Training and Judicial Studies

Institute of Training and Judicial Studies (ITJS), which is located in the city of Abu Dhabi, was founded on December 14th, 1992 by virtue of cabinet resolution no. (14) of 1992 concerning establishment of the institute.
Back in 2004, it was the release of federal law no. 11 of 2004, in which announcement of the institute as an independent federal institution was made.

ITJS carries out the following:

  • Prepare and qualify graduates of Shariah or Law Schools to hold judicial posts.
  • Organize courses for judiciary members on various law themes, judicial technicalities, or any other aspects.
  • Hold specialized training courses for preparation and qualification of notaries public, judicial aides, and lawyers.
  • Train personnel of government bodies, whose jobs are related to law and judicial fields, based upon request from such bodies. As well, the institute may hold training courses for non-governmental personnel.
  • Provide for scientific research and its usage within law and judicial fields through encouraging specialized law & judicial studies, working to release and print them.
  • "قاطع الرؤوس" في قبضة الاستخبارات العراقية

    Published February 23rd, 2019 - 09:39 GMT
    مقاتلين من داعش/ أرشيفية
    مقاتلين من داعش/ أرشيفية

    أعلنت الاستخبارات العسكرية العراقية، أمس الجمعة، عن اعتقال قاطع الرؤوس في "داعش" على الحدود العراقية السورية، الذي ظهر في أكثر من فيديو وهو ينفذ عمليات إعدام.

    وقالت المديرية في بيان على صفحتها في موقع "فيسبوك" إن "مفارز مديرية الاستخبارات العسكرية في الفرقة 15 ، وإثر معلومات استخبارية دقيقة، ألقت القبض على أحد الإرهابيين الذين تسللوا عبر الحدود العراقية السورية والمعروف بـ (قاطع الرؤوس)".

    وأضافت أن "هذا الشخص معروف بقاطع الرؤوس"، وأنه "ظهر بعدة إصدارات للدواعش أمام أشخاص قام بقطع رؤوسهم في العراق وسوريا".


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