10 Promising Inventions Set to Change Our World

Published December 19th, 2020 - 01:00 GMT
10 Promising Inventions Set to Change Our World
The introduction of new technologies is transforming the way the world we know. (Shutterstock)

The world has seen tremendous breakthroughs in technology over the past decade. From robotics to artificial intelligence and big data, technology is revolutionizing the way work is done. 

These breakthroughs are also further driven by forward-thinking companies that aim to stay ahead in the business world. 

Here are 10 inventions that have potentials to transform our world: 

  1. Affective AI

The real idea behind artificial intelligence is the ability to give machines human-like powers. From Google maps and social media channels to virtual assistants, AI is everywhere around us. However, another major milestone is being crossed with the introduction of affective AI. Affective AI will be able to determine your mood from the way you speak, write or even look. One example is a wearable device that was developed at MIT Media Lab in order to determine a person’s mood by monitoring their heartbeat. The device will then release different scents depending on the user’s mood. If the user was anxious or stressed for instant, the increase in their heartbeats will trigger the device to release scents to help such as lavender, which is one of the most known fragrances to reduce anxiety. 

  1. Smart Homes

Smart technologies like Alexa are already making life easier at home. But researchers are looking to create something a little more advanced and multi-functional. For instance, a program that can detect when you wake up and helps you with your morning routine, such as turning on the lights for you while adjusting the room temperature. Technologies working simultaneously might be more appealing than a program that only does one of these things at a time. 

  1. 5G

When speaking about inventions that will transform the world, 5G tops the list. Coming next in-line after 4G, this technology makes data transmission quicker, better and bigger. 5G will have an instrumental impact on industries as it paves the way for advancements in IoT and virtual reality.  The Middle East Institute says, “the deployment of 5G in the Gulf is expected to spur domestic growth”. Furthermore, it will have a major impact in monitoring and data collection in the gas and oil sector.

  1. Autonomous Vehicles

While self-driving cars are now available, updates are still under way to build cars that are fully autonomous without human monitoring. This transition will potentially result in significant changes in our daily lives. For example, with the introduction of self-driving cars, parking would no longer be that big of an obstacle as cars will be able to drop people and drive off. Pedestrians might deal with this transition in two opposing ways. Some might not be skeptical of self-driving cars, and thus become more cautious. While others might be intrigued to see how smart the car is and try to test it by “spooking” it or pretending to jump at it. Both ways point to the direction that the introduction of autonomous vehicles might pose a challenge. 

  1. Genetic Predictions

This might be one of the technologies that can revolutionize the way medicine works. With genetic predictions, health predictions can be made depending on a person’s genome. For example, it can predict the chances of a person getting heart disease or diabetes. Such predictions can allow for better and faster treatments, as well as pave the way for personalized medicine. 

  1. Human Augmentation

The use of bionic limbs is not new news. However, researchers are now looking into using human augmentation for the back and eyes as well. A perfect example would be eSight, which provides blind people with the chance to see again. 

  1. Microchips

With microchips, biology and technology integrate to help users keep track of their health by monitoring their health status such as blood pressure. Microchips are not only useful in the medical field, they can also be used to gain access to a person’s personal information such as their bank accounts and gym memberships.

  1. Nanorobotics

A smaller yet more efficient chip used in medicine is nanorobotics. Even though it is still being researched and developed, nanorobotics is expected to revolutionize the way nanomedicine works by destroying cancer cells and detecting toxins. 

  1. Green Technology

With global warming posing a threat to our world, Green Tech might be the solution.  For instance, electricity can now be generated using wastewater or waste material. Many countries, such as UAE, intend to shift their focus on green technology. UAE aims to house the largest solar powered theme park in GCC as part of its energy efficiency strategy.  Companies in UAE are also working on cutting carbon emission by 1.6 million tons a year while providing the residence with clean energy, says Al Bawaba.  

  1. Meatless Meat

Technology is revolutionizing food as well. It is said that no antibiotics or growth hormones are added to lab-grown meat which makes them healthier. The meatless meat serves an alternative to meat lovers without the guilt of animal suffering. Some suggest that lab-made meat will be available in 2021



We have all seen robots perform human tasks, but more advancements are still being made in the robotics field. For instance, a robotic guide dog was created by a student at Loughborough University to help visually impaired people. Another example is the RoboCafe in Dubai Festival City where all the staff  are actually robots who welcome guests, take their orders and prepare it. 

The introduction of new technologies is transforming the way the world we know. And that is why it is imperative for people and businesses to be able to adapt and adopt these changes.

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