2021 New Year's Resolutions for a Better Work-Life Balance

Published December 20th, 2020 - 04:00 GMT
2021 New Year's Resolutions for a Better Work-Life Balance
Enjoying a better work-life balance will eventually help you deliver finer results. (Shutterstock: Andrey_Popov)

There is no doubt that 2020 has been so hard at every level, but it has also taught us a number of valuable lessons, including our need to question our habits and how we spend our time. Consequently, the need to achieve a higher level of work-life balance becomes more vital.

Having faced a long-term life-threatening danger such as the pandemic has made us all realize our need to enjoy every minute of our lives to the max while we can, which requires a reassessment of our current lifestyles.

Enjoying a better work-life balance will eventually help you deliver finer results, as soon as you feel more relaxed in the different roles you have in life.

However, the mission to achieve a better work-life balance can be quite challenging for some people. This time of the year, as we approach a new beginning, can be the ideal chance to make life-changing much-needed resolutions.

1. Forget perfection, focus on time management

Adding extra time into each task at work so they come as perfect as possible will not help you achieve the balance you aspire for. Instead, make sure your tasks are accomplished in the best version you can during working hours.

This will help you stay on track and not having to work after hours, so you enjoy your deserved free time after work.

2. Plan your after-work activities ahead

Sometimes, leaving work on time and heading to your home with no leisure plans can have an equally negative impact on your life balance as having to work for extra hours. Especially if you are on the extroverted side of personalities.

Every weekend, try to set a number of activities you can join after working hours, whether it is with friends or family. This will also allow for a better sense of communication in your personal life, reflecting in more motivation towards work.

3. Use your annual leaves

If anything, this year has taught us the value of the different activities we used to take for granted, such as going to our favorite spots in town or traveling to our favorite destinations. Take all of your breaks and make sure you use your time effectively, which will recharge your energy for work once you are back.

4. Set boundaries

Another perk of 2020 quarantines, is that we no longer feel the pressure of going along with plans we are not fully excited for. Having to respond to each social event around will only waste the energy you have saved for work.

Similarly, don't take extra work tasks if you already feel overloaded. Communicate your concerns, because quality tops quantity.

5. Bring life into work

While no one should mix personal life with work, there is nothing wrong with having healthy and lively friendships with people you work with, so spending time in the office no longer feels slow or boring.

If there is a social committee in your office, join in and present a few team-building ideas that will help everyone around enjoy their time together.

6. Use flexible timing options, if available

If your work provides you with the chance to work from home, take it whenever you can. You don't necessarily have to actually work from home the whole time. Being able to spend your day in a new spot around the town while you finish your daily tasks can leave a major impact on your results.

7. Break the routine when possible

If you are feeling trapped in the same order of affairs everyday, try to pick up coffee from a new place on your way to work or order a new meal you have not tried for lunch with colleagues. You can also brainstorm about a new office activity or a joint social activity after work. 

How important is the work-life balance for you? What other ideas do you think will help individuals achieve a better sense of lifestyle?

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