3 Best Tech Tools to Introduce at Your Next Job Fair

Published May 15th, 2018 - 11:10 GMT
Higher quality of hiring, reduced cost-per-hire and lowered time-to-fill positions itself should be enough motivation to make the change. (Pexels)
Higher quality of hiring, reduced cost-per-hire and lowered time-to-fill positions itself should be enough motivation to make the change. (Pexels)

For any exhibitor or host, there's an inevitable decision to be made before job fair day - either use traditional techniques and boring plans that take up piles of scratch paper or adopt new, data-driven automation tools that are guaranteed to make your event more efficient and effective with measurable results.

As dedicated endorsers of cost-effective and intelligent technology solutions, and fierce rebels against all things dull, we rolled up our sleeves to put together a list of powerful automation tools that fuel job fair success, and help exhibitors creatively engage with talent. Ready to experience the magic of automation? Let's start:

Simplify Pre-Marketing Campaigns

Your job fair objectives are clear; acquire top-notch talent, supercharge time-to-hire, and establish yourself as a brand that candidates dream to work for. Now, all that stands in the way is making sure that it is marketed as irresistible to your ideal candidates.

One of the sure shot ways to grab the attention of the most sought-after talent is through online presence. Raise the bar through dynamic landing pages; flexible yet powerful, spearhead premarketing leading up to the job fair to maximize reach, visibility, at the same time providing attendees with a functional registration platform. Even better- landing pages are a goldmine to share content ranging from event schedules, highlights such as webinars, resources including trainee programs, on-the-spot interviewing opportunities, etc. These tools amplify your event messaging and help you take charge with content that’s easy-to-update, uniquely branded, and social media friendly.

To help you get started, choose a platform to start premarketing your job fair to create buzz and facilitate registrations such as Eventbrite. Alternatively, check out ScanShake - a fantastic mobile app that streamlines CV management, empowers exhibitors to use branded landing pages to ignite job seeker interest, and enables employers to zoom-in on relevant prospects using search tools that sort job seeker details based on industry, work experience, etc.

Streamlined CV Capture & Management

Too many hiring managers still accept heaps of paper-based CVs, inevitably wasting valuable time in sorting and short listing, and losing track of key topics of conversation they had with job seekers - an overwhelming scenario that adds no value to the recruitment cycle.

Incorporating CV capturing tools at your job fairs can be a game changer. Choosing automation frees up precious time so you can redirect your efforts towards getting to know candidates better and assessing if they’re a good fit for your company's culture. No more data entry, risk of misplacing CVs, or hiring practices that you can't track. Using the right CV capture technology will drastically expand your talent pool, improve skill-based sorting, simplify candidate shortlisting, and provide incredible business intelligence so you can precisely track talent acquisition metrics.

The ever-evolving face of modern recruitment is now embracing implementation of digital CV Kiosks at physical job fairs to capture CV data. With easy-to-fill customizable forms, the employer has absolute autonomy to collect information of highest priority to quickly filter candidates without traditional CV collection challenges. Another smart investment is the ScanShake Mobile App; the instant CV capture (using QR codes) and collection solution that eliminates all guesswork from data sorting and management. With every exchange being tracked and reported, you can even tag and “star” your future superstars - there's zero risk of losing talent in endless paper trails.


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Choose a Virtual Platform

Virtual job fairs are a platform gaining popularity for making event hosting impossibly easy. It’s an event that replicates many aspects of the traditional fair but is held online. There is no need for your team’s physical attendance or logistical plans or physical venue booking expenses to make this virtual job fair a reality. All that’s required is a laptop and an internet connection to successfully connect with talent to fill your vacancies, and deliver the ultimate mobile friendly jobseeker candidate experience.

The benefit of going virtual doesn’t end here; it enables maximized interaction using audio/video chat capabilities. Video interviewing is a comprehensive gateway to candidate data collection; you can assess skills, and the value they bring to the table without engaging in tedious assessments.

Our top slot for a go-to virtual job fair hosting solution goes to vfairs.com. With hundreds of successful events under their belt, their expertise in allowing businesses to build detailed CV databases, and amplifying employer branding through custom landing pages and virtual booths delivers increased job seeker reach, cost savings, higher ROI, and hiring efficiency.

Our Verdict

Automation is undeniably the edge needed to transform your job fair strategy. Explore tools that are feasible, scalable, and customizable to match your precise requirements. Higher quality of hiring, reduced cost-per-hire and lowered time-to-fill positions itself should be enough motivation to make the change; we guarantee that you'll never look at event hosting the same way again.

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