4 Tips to Make Your iPhone Battery Last Hours Longer

Published September 3rd, 2018 - 08:46 GMT
iPhone battery running out quickly? Here are some solutions. (Shutterstock)
iPhone battery running out quickly? Here are some solutions. (Shutterstock)

Does the battery of your mobile phone run out of charge quickly? As we use our handset more and more throughout the day, its battery gets consumed fast, leaving us to wonder if only there was a way to make it last longer.

Actually, it can. There are certain tricks that can make this happen.

Keep the battery level above 50 per cent, have more than one charger and tweak the phone's settings. These are just a few tips that people can follow to increase their phone's power, according to Stuff as reported by Mailonline.

1. Battery level

People wait for their phone's battery to get drained completely. Never do that, the website Stuff says. Charge when the battery is still running - a little bit, but regularly. 

Try to keep the battery above 50 per cent and charge it at intervals as the day progresses.

2. Charger

Buying multiple chargers is a good option. You should have one for home, work and car. Buy ones that charge fast. 

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"For example, the iPhone 6 supports 1.6 amps and comes with a 1-amp charger. If you buy a 2amp charger you'll ensure it charges as fast as possible,' Stuff said.

How about a portable charger? It can help you recharge your device 10 times before it needs to be charged itself.

3 Settings

With so many features on iPhones, it is but natural that the battery will finish off quickly. Turning off vibrate or haptic feedback can help as the buzzing could drain the battery. "Closing apps doesn't save power but some apps use more battery life than others," Stuff pointed out.

"Facebook is well known as one of the worst culprits. You can check which one and delete them and start accessing them via a web browser."

4. Temperature

Keeping the phone in good temperature conditions will go a long way in protecting the condition of its battery. Temperature plays a vital role in maintaining the optimal long-term charge capacity. It is recommended to avoid direct sunlight on your phone for prolonged periods.

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