5 AI Products That Will Blow Your Mind!

Published March 16th, 2021 - 07:30 GMT
5 AI Products That Will Blow Your Mind!
AI continues to revolutionize our lives every day and therefore it is imperative that we delve deeper into its capabilities.

In a time when technology is transforming most things in the world, it is necessary to keep an eye out for new innovations. AI continues to revolutionize our lives every day and therefore it is imperative that we delve deeper into its capabilities. 

We are here to walk you through 5 AI-driven inventions that will completely blow your mind: 

1. Deepfake
In short, what Deepfake does is that it is used to show a computer-generated copy of someone with the same, voice, gesture and expressions. MBN Channel in South Korea aired the news once using Deepfake. Using Deepfake can be both a threat or an opportunity depending on how it is used. There is always the risk of scams and thefts, but Deepfake can also be your friend! It can be used to recreate a video without going through the trouble of reshooting. Not only that, but AI avatars can be created using Deepfake which can be helpful when conducting training or workshops. 

2. Deep Nostalgia 
If you are interested in bringing your photos to life then Deep Nostalgia is for you! By using deep learning and Deepfake tools, MyHeritage was able to animate photos and make them look real. While some people are finding this fascinating, others have their doubts. What would this mean for safety and security? Will Deep Nostalgia be used for fraud and impersonation when it’s upgraded to more than just old photos? Only time will tell. 


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3. GPT-3 
Created by OpenAI, GPT-3, a language generator that uses deep learning to generate text, is already showing promising potential to reshape the way we do things. Even though it is still not accessible for everyone, the API is allowing people to do wonders.

4. AI Duet
Looking for someone to play the piano with? You do not have to look far! AI Duet plays piano notes with you in response to the melody you are using. Maybe soon enough, companies might even be able to use AI to perform an entire concert.  

5. Rafiqi
Built by Ghida Ibrahim, senior engineer and data scientist, Rafiqi is an AI-driven model that aims to connect refugees with opportunities based on their profiles and needs. Through Rafiqi, Ghida is bridging the gap between technology and humanity, which is necessary to improve the lives of others. 

“I always believed that marrying tech and social work can bring a huge benefit to humanity.” - Ghida Ibrahim

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