5 Jobs Arab Youth Should Keep an Eye on in 10 Years

Published August 12th, 2021 - 06:00 GMT
5 Jobs Arab Youth Should Keep an Eye on in 10 Years
It is imperative for Arab youths to know about the future of jobs and be aware of where the business world is heading. (shutterstock)

The Arab world has been facing severe distress on several fronts for the past decade. Whether it is the Arab Spring uprising that started in 2011, the wars and mass violence happening in different regions in the Arab world or the pandemic that has wreaked havoc this past year, the Arab youth have been there through it all. And it is only normal for these same youths who have witnessed and lived through challenging times to want a sense of safety and stability. In order to be realistic here, a huge part of that safety we are talking about comes from ensuring having a secure and futuristic job that is not under the threat of being extinct. 

So this brings up the question of what these jobs are. Here are 5 jobs that Arab youth will look for in 10 years: 

1. Coding and Web Development
With everything that the Arab world has been going through, it is imperative for Arab youth to stay up to date with the technological advancements taking over the world. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise if Arab youth are preparing themselves to take on coding and web development jobs that will ensure they stay ahead in the market. Initiatives by governments were also set in place in order to encourage youths to pursue coding and web development. For instance, the UAE government launched “The One Million Arab Coders” initiative in 2017 with the goal of providing training opportunities for 1M young Arabs, which was achieved by February 2021. 

2. Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence is already taking the world by storm. While most people say that AI is the future, I beg to differ and say that AI is actually the PRESENT. And by the way it is changing our present, it is apparent that it will also change the future of jobs! It is even estimated that by 2030, AI will boost UAE and Saudi Arabia’s GDP by $96B and $135.2B, respectively. Hence, AI is among the jobs that Arab youth should be keeping an eye out for in the coming years. In addition, UAE aims to become the world leader in AI by 2031, which means that AI expertise will be greatly needed in the future. 

3. Big Data Analysts/Scientists
With the technology that is reshaping the way we do work comes a great deal of data that requires analyzing and understanding. Data science is the link between data mining and decision makers, says University Professor and Chair of the Department of Mathematics and Actuarial Science at AUC, Ali Hadi. Furthermore, big data plays a pivotal role in cyber security, which has become a major priority     for GCC countries. 

4. Green Jobs
Green technology and renewable energy have become widely used as a way to address climate change and aim to protect our world. According to WHO, there will be around 24M green jobs created by 2030. Which means that learning about green technology and energy is instrumental to making sure you are part of the jobs of tomorrow. 

5. Entrepreneurship 
The highest rate of youth unemployment is in the Arab world (30%) for ages 18-24. As a result, it is of no surprise to see Arab youth wanting to venture on their own and become entrepreneurs. Governments and businesses are also beginning to see the importance of having initiatives to support youth and help them succeed. For instance, The Arab Youth Startup Marketplace was created in UAE to help Arab entrepreneurs show their creative ventures, connect with industry leaders and potential land an investor! 

It is imperative for Arab youths to know about the future of jobs and be aware of where the business world is heading. Therefore, it is necessary for educational institutes, governments and families to educate young adults about the changing market and what the future of jobs look like. Because otherwise, Arab youths might wake up 10 years from now realizing they are looking for a job that no longer exists. 

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