5 Technologies to Invest in During COVID-19

Published July 8th, 2020 - 02:30 GMT
5 Technologies to Invest in During COVID-19
FINE Guard masks are the only masks to utilize this breakthrough technology in their products.
Our top picks of things to get you through the pandemic

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We're all falling into a new medium of our lives, instilling various precautions in our day-to-day activity to safeguard ourselves from the coronavirus. While there are many ways to ensure you're protecting yourself and your family to the best of your ability, it helps to know which safety measures actually work. Rather than being overwhelmed by all the options available, we have put together a guide of five incredibly useful technologies to help you navigate the world during the coronavirus. 

1. Antiviral face masks

Face masks are vital in helping stop the spread of the coronavirus. If you’re out and about in the world, whether shopping or interacting with people you don’t live with, make sure you’re wearing a mask for enhanced protection. Ordinary masks may filter dust and dirt, but small pathogens can still get in, so consider investing in a more reliable product.

FINE Guard provides antiviral, reusable and washable masks equipped with LIVINGUARD® Technology that is clinically tested and proven to kill Coronavirus (229e) and Covid-19.

FINE Guard masks are the only masks to utilize this breakthrough technology in their products. Protected by over a dozen patents, LIVINGUARD® Technology has been tested under the supervision of Dr Charles Gerba in the University of Arizona, proving to kill 99.99% of the 229e (Coronavirus) virus on contact. Another recent research conducted by Berlin University and University Aachen proved that Livinguard technology to kill Covid-19.

Plus, it's washable up to 30+ times, proving to be more cost-effective and environmentally sustainable in the long run. A single Fine Guard Mask equals 210 disposable masks. Available in stores citywide and online, buy now for quick and easy delivery.


2. Delivery apps 

As we practice social distancing and find a new groove in life, the helpful hand of delivery apps goes a long way. You can now order groceries straight to your doorstep, and if you’re not in the mood to cook, most local restaurants are available on your favourite food delivery apps. E-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Desert Cart bring more than just edible goods to your fingertips, while Ship & Shop, JorMall and BulkWhiz are perfect for stocking up on protective equipment, including FINE Guard face masks, endorsed by the MWA (Medical Wellness Association), which are also available on Mumzworld and noon.  

Delivery apps bring the world to your fingertip, reducing your contact with the virus while keeping you well-fed and entertained indoors. Along with medical staff, this gives us another set of selfless heroes to thank on the front lines: delivery men.  

3. Contactless payment

Daily life may feel like it has come to an indefinite halt, but money still makes the world go round. You may not be spending as much as you normally do – unless you've been window shopping the world wide web – but there are still groceries to buy, sanitizers to replenish and new indoor activities to help pass the time. Limit direct contact with cash and payment machines that have been passed around like a parcel with contactless payment. You can enable your card or phone through your bank to make purchases with a simple tap on the device, reducing any concerns about touching uncertain surfaces.  

Keep in mind that you can ward off the virus by thoroughly washing your hands and disinfecting outside goods, but contactless payment affords you an added peace of mind. 

4. COVID Tracking Apps 

One of the impressive – and rapid – technological outcomes of the pandemic has been corona tracking apps. Designed to help trace positive cases of the virus, it helps communities identify places of risk and improve communication between medical authorities and individuals. You can even find out if you have been in contact with a person tested positive for COVID-19, alerting you immediately to get tested, self-isolate and help quell the spread of the virus.

As you take these precautions, it's important to do your part in researching products and apps that are certified by credible authorities. Brands such as FINE back up their claims for high-quality protection with third-party research and testing, to ensure their customers get the best. As you continue to find your rhythm, make sure you’re only investing or downloading technologies that have your best interest in mind.

5. Voice Over IP Platforms

We all understand that social distancing is extremely important in curbing the spread of the disease while protecting ourselves and others. That doesn’t mean we don’t miss our loved ones, some who might live just a couple blocks away and others on the opposite side of the world. With travel and socialising restrictions, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by a sense of isolation, but that’s where Voice over IP (VoIP) Platforms such as Botim and Zoom become increasingly important. Our ability to connect with our friends, families and colleagues gives us a sense of contact and attachment, uplifting our spirits while keeping us safe. 

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