5 Tips to Help Boost Your Productivity at Work

Published July 2nd, 2018 - 08:39 GMT
Working professionals often strive to get into their comfort zone from day 1 on the job. (Shutterstock)
Working professionals often strive to get into their comfort zone from day 1 on the job. (Shutterstock)

You still want to be the master of doing things right, handing in assignments by their deadline, exceeding customers’ expectations and maximizing organizational profits…but you are suddenly wrestling with the systematic process of getting the most basic job tasks done, a process which once brought a smile to your face but which leaves you with shivers down your spine today.

Does that imply your motivation is long lost and forgotten? Or that you have lost your way and should jump to the job hunters’ ranks? Not necessarily!

How is your productivity doing? Is the whole concept of productivity now suddenly blurry in your mind? Do NOT panic! Working professionals often strive to get into their comfort zone from day 1 on the job, yet when they get there, they often fail to keep things exciting and promising! They seldom manage to train themselves to seek new challenges, new scenarios, new plots that would keep their adrenalin pumping and thus their productivity wanes! The company naturally does its part to keep your productivity levels on the high, but it is up to you at the end of the day to keep the thrill of the job going.

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This may not be so easy post-economic crisis, we concur, but it is definitely doable. It is a matter of proactivity and individual determination above all!

Allow us to share 5 Bayt.com top tips to boost your productivity at the workplace!

1. Keep an activity planner on your desk (or your laptop): This planner will serve as a record of all your current/ upcoming major assignments with dates (and will break them down to smaller gradual assignments with realistic deadlines). Take a look at your planner every morning and check where and when there is room for novelty. Have you been eying that CSR project another team has been assigned to? A client account that has not yet been allocated? First, make sure your schedule permits extra responsibilities. If not, maybe delegating some tasks to subordinates/ colleagues could be doable? Planning correctly is your work productivity No 1 Rule.

2. Maintain a transparent and clear communication channel with managers/ subordinates and peers: It is essential that you recognize at all times that communication is a 2 way channel. If you want to be listened to, listen. If you want to be approached, approach. If you want to be assisted, assist, and always make sure you are using clear concise language and backing up your statements/ proposals/ requests with facts!

3. Cherish prioritizing: Mutli–taskers have earned a worldwide reputation, but you do not necessarily need to be one in order to be productive. As a matter of fact, focusing on one thing at a time (mono-tasking) might prove much more effective and productive than you might think. Get your priorities set straight – again, identify small attainable daily objectives on your to do list that you can accomplish one after the other.

4. Steer clear from online distractions: And Oh, aren’t they many! Itching to update your Facebook status? Tweet with @Bayt jobs, CNN or Ashton Kutcher? Browse through online Bayt Classifieds in the search for the perfect Porsche Carrera or Chanel Vintage bag? As productive is this might turn out to be (outside working hours), make sure you are keeping online social engagement to a minimum while at work to avoid distraction and clear away from hindering your productivity. Should you decide to spend your lunch break online rather than outside taking a refreshing walk and having an ice cream that is entirely another story!

5. Remember that work productivity is at all times directly linked to your personal productivity: What are you doing to maintain/ increase your productivity on the personal level? Are you committing yourself to “personal” small (but attainable) goals on daily/ weekly/ monthly basis? This might come as a surprise to some of you but the truth is a compelling “personal“ to-do list is more often than not followed by a similar effective productive and “professional” to-do list. Give your inner personal and professional superpowers a second thought now! You absolutely can go that extra mile!

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