6 Arab Companies Revolutionizing the Food Industry

Published October 16th, 2022 - 06:00 GMT
6 Arab Companies Revolutionizing the Food Industry
Leaders and businesses have a responsibility towards their community and thus more businesses have to step up and help put an end to the global food crisis. (shutterstock)

The threat of food shortage has been around for many years now, and despite the efforts of NGOs and leading organizations the world seems to make little to no progress towards reducing it. In fact, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Food Programme (WFP) are warning that food shortages might get worse in 19 countries. 

The number of people facing food insecurity rose from 35M to 345M since 2019! The number is staggering and with the current turmoil, wars, and inflation, things might get worse. For instance, it is reported that around 141M people in the Arab World are facing food shortage. In Lebanon, around 80% of the population are now living below the poverty line. 

The threat of a global food shortage is a real one, and thus, leaders, organizations, and even businesses have to work towards combating it. And the good news is that there are some global companies working on revolutionizing the food industry and consequently help put an end to world hunger! 

Here are 6 Arab companies that are revolutionizing the food industry:

1. FalconViz

Saudi start-up, FalconViz offers drone-based services to monitor the farming process and helps farmers maximize fertilizers while also ensuring that waste is kept at a minimum. In addition to monitoring fertilizers, the drones can also detect pesticides and irrigation water, thus helping farmers treat infected crops and save water. 

2. Edama Organic Solutions

Driven by sustainability, Edama Organic Solutions recycles organic waste into high-value agricultural products. They believe that efficient management of resources is key to ensure sustainability and food security. 

3. Uvera

Another Saudi start-up addressing food waste and spoilage is Uvera. By combining artificial intelligence and the internet of things, Uvera, increases the shelf-life of food by placing them inside a sterilized food storage environment for 30 seconds. 

With Saudi Arabia losing around SR40M in food loss every year, the introduction of such a device is necessary for securing food and the economy as well! 

4. Pure Harvest Farms

Pure Harvest Farms is a UAE startup that was founded back in 2016 to give a new face to harvesting. The company uses technology to reduce waste while providing high quality produce. 

5. AeroFarms

World leader in vertical farming, AeroFarms, has one mission in mind; to improve harvesting, food distribution, and create a sustainable system where everyone has access to quality food. By using technology, artificial intelligence, and vertical farming, the UAE company is unlocking innovative ways to increase produce while decreasing wastes. 

6. Red Sea Farms

Founded in 2018, Red Sea Farms is a Saudi- UAE AgTech that aspires to make harvesting sustainable in harsh environments. The company aims to use technology and AI-powered solutions to grow healthy crops and combat food and water scarcity. 

Ultimately, leaders and businesses have a responsibility towards their community and thus more businesses have to step up and help put an end to the global food crisis. 

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