6 Techniques to Cultivate Innovation in a Workplace

Published August 19th, 2018 - 10:06 GMT
Most companies agree that innovation efforts lead to better financial performance. (Shutterstock)
Most companies agree that innovation efforts lead to better financial performance. (Shutterstock)

Innovation is defined as introducing new things or ideas. In the workplace, it is applying new ideas and methods to enhance stale methods and processes which are necessary for the success of a business.

Nowadays, creative thinking is no longer limited to those in artistic professions, and for an organization to remain relevant in a competitive market, it is an essential every day habit. In fact, most companies agree that innovation efforts lead to better financial performance. 

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Are you wondering how you can cultivate and foster innovation? Here are six easy methods to pursue innovation in the workplace.

1. Hire passionate people

Hire people who love what they do and are passionate about their work. Employees who believe in their organizations will be excited to see it grow, and are more inclined to come up with ways to help it succeed.

2. Build a diverse team

Recruit professionals with diverse backgrounds and mindsets. Employees with different skill sets or educational backgrounds for example, will have unique and new ideas for the company. Creativity is guaranteed to flow.

3. Create a thinking area

Create a space within your organization with a more relaxed atmosphere, where employees can unwind, brainstorm and discuss ideas. You can even provide an idea board, where everyone can share their thoughts, or maybe even find inspiration in someone else’s suggestions.

4. Creativity contests

Encourage employees to develop new ideas by making it fun! Set up internal contests and campaigns. Be very specific about the objective so you don’t overwhelm the team. For example: new ways to improve sustainability in the workplace. Pick the top ideas and reward the winners. Then develop the idea with them, allow them to own the project, to show the staff that innovation is taken seriously, and it is not a waste of their time.

5. Reward the innovators

44% of employees say companies reward their creativity.Motivate your employees by recognizing their efforts and rewarding their creativity. Don’t only praise the winners, but also those who really put in an effort, or have a constant flow of suggestions. You can reward with things such as: recognition, time off, gift cards, or personalized gifts, instead of just cash bonuses.

6. Appreciate risk and accept failure as part of the process

Let your team know that even if their innovative idea was not what you were looking for, or did not succeed once it was implemented, that the effort and the risks taken are a welcome part of any new venture.

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