7 Things You Should Avoid Doing in an Interview

Published January 25th, 2022 - 06:00 GMT
7 Things You Should Avoid Doing in an Interview
To help you ace that coming interview of yours, we are here to shed light on 7 things you should completely avoid doing in an interview. (shutterstock)

Are you preparing for your coming interview and afraid you might ruin it? Worry not our devoted reader, because we are here to the rescue!

Even though the business world and the job market are continuously changing, there are certain givens that we know for a fact. However, when it comes to interviews, some people still seem to lose their way. 


To help you ace that coming interview of yours, we are here to shed light on 7 things you should completely avoid doing in an interview: 

1. Showing up late.. or too early!

Being on time should go without saying. Nevertheless, there are still those who never respect time. And while you can get away with this in your social life, this is a major red flag in interviews. Nothing says I am not committed enough like showing up late does. However, nothing says “I do not know how to manage my time” like coming way too early to an interview. While it is recommended to arrive 5 to 10 minutes before the interview, arriving earlier than that can give the idea that you either do not value your time enough or that you have way too much time on your hands.

2. Unprofessional Attire

First impressions are important, and wearing casual or inappropriate clothes will not help you build a good first impression. In fact, what you wear can speak volume about how professional you are and the kind of mindset you have. However, one thing some people do not seem to realize is that the vacancy you are applying to plays a role in deciding what to wear. For instance, while you should be wearing formal clothes, such as a suit or formal blouse, when interviewing for a corporate job, other jobs might not require you to wear that kind of professional attire. Interviewing at a gaming startup, or any company with a more casual atmosphere means you should be opting for something less formal yet tidy and presentable. 

3. Using poor language

The second thing that interviewers notice after the way you carry yourself, are the things you say, and how you say them. Rambling, using unclear phrases, and inappropriate language should have no place in an interview. Addressing the interviewers in unprofessional language like saying “you guys” or speaking to them as if they are your friends should be a complete no-go! In addition, being unable to deliver your point in a clear and concise manner can also signal that you do not have good communication skills. 

4. Lying or exaggerating the truth 

The idea of doing an interview is to show the interviewer who you really are and what you have accomplished. If you are caught lying in an interview, you will not only have lost your chance but also have ruined your reputation. And if you happen to get away with it and get hired, it is likely that you will not be able to live up to the expectations you have set. 

5. Leaving your phone on

Having your phone on and using it in an interview should be a complete no-go. In fact, having your phone ring, or even worse using it, shows that you undermine the place you are at and have no respect for professional boundaries. 

6. Poor body language and behavior

The way you present yourself in an interview goes a long way, and the same applies to your body language. Having a slouched poster, avoiding eye contact and fidgeting with things all scream “unprofessional”.

7. Using memorized or cliché answers

No one wants to hear a rehearsed answer. Being prepared for an interview and memorizing answers are too different things. While it is a smart thing to prepare your answers, it is just as important to sound genuine. Using cliché or overused answers will not make you stand out. 

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