Adel al-Subeih as Kuwait's new oil minister

Published February 15th, 2001 - 02:00 GMT

Prime minister Sheik Saad Al Abdullah Al Sabah appointed Sheik Adel al-Subeih as Kuwait's oil minister in a Cabinet reshuffle Wednesday, press reports. Adel al-Subaih, was Kuwait’s former minister of electricity and water and minister of state for housing. 


The appointment of Adel al-Subeih as Kuwait's new oil minister Wednesday disappoint some analyst but drew praise from others, as shrewd choice that could help the government win support for its fiercely-contested plan to allow foreign development of Kuwait's northern oil deposits. Evidently the everybody first choice for the job Sheik al-Fulaij turned down the offer. 


However, Subeih is committed to northern oilfields project, he said Wednesday that he will forge ahead on the controversial seven-billion-dollar project to develop the emirate's northern oilfields by international oil companies (IOCs)according to Albawaba-MEGB. 


"There is an agreement on the project at various government levels, including by the Supreme Petroleum Council, Kuwait Petroleum Corp. (KPC) and the council of ministers," Adel Khaled al-Sebeih, who was appointed oil minister in Wednesday's cabinet reshuffle, told AFP.  


Al-Subeih, 48, holds a doctorate in mechanical engineering from North Carolina State University. and is a member of Kuwait's Supreme Petroleum Council, the highest policy-making body on oil.  


He served as housing minister and minister of electricity and water in the old Cabinet. 

The new cabinet includes four members of parliament, an increase of three from the previous one. 


Members of the ruling family kept key portfolios such as defense and interior, according to the names announced on state-run Radio Kuwait.  

By Elio Ohep 


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