Algeria: it is very important to show more solidarity with less develop nations

Published September 28th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

In the opening speech of the heads of state summit in Caracas Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika called for OPEC nations to show more solidarity with other less developed nations. OPEC policy should "favor the least developed countries, to whom we must direct effective and eternal solidarity."  


He also said OPEC needs to improve communication between OPEC and the world's big consumers nations "Nothing should stand in the way of dialogue between OPEC and G8" nations, he said.  


Also OPEC has to improve its image in the international arena. "We have to make great effort to improve the image of the organization in international public opinion," he said.  


This is the second time in OPEC's 40-year history that OPEC leaders have gathered. Bouteflika said "It is time to institutionalize our summits and have them at more regular intervals," he said, "to confront very rapid changes which could affect our" nations.  


The Algerian president also talked about the impact of environmental regulations on oil markets. The burden does not lie on consuming nations alone, he said. "OPEC should have greater coordination of the position of its members in international forums on environmental matters". 


"This week's second summit would, Bouteflika said, allow OPEC to make "an objective stock-taking of the organization and how it has performed over the past 40 years, its possibilities and its limits." 

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By Elio Ohep  


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