All the Tips You Need to Recruit for Your Startup

Published October 31st, 2018 - 09:46 GMT
Although you cannot foretell the future, you are aware that a path of pitfalls and hurdles is awaiting your startup. (Shutterstock)
Although you cannot foretell the future, you are aware that a path of pitfalls and hurdles is awaiting your startup. (Shutterstock)

You have pursued a passion, spent sleepless nights, and made a lot of sacrifices to bring your idea to life. Now that you are just steps away from making your big dream come true, it’s time to grow the family. Yes, because you cannot climb a mountain all alone.

At we have also been there. Everything started 16 years ago, when a group of friends in their twenties decided to do something about unemployment in the Middle East. Since then, an ever-growing number of passionate individuals, ready to help others lead their destinies, have fueled our journey, until we were awarded for our services and products at a regional level.

Taking pride in our success, we believe that people are the heartbeat of every business, and even more so of a groundbreaking idea as yours. Here are our tips stemming from a decade and a half of love, passion and hard work.

1. Hit the target

Although you cannot foretell the future, you are aware that a path of pitfalls and hurdles is awaiting your startup. But against this likely scenario, motivated individuals who are willing to invest their time and energies in your project will be your light at the end of the tunnel. But how to find the perfect fit? Social recruiting is the answer to your problem. The best way to source candidates is to post your job vacancy on leading job sites such as, where you can reach out to as many as 25 million job seekers registered on the website. You just need to write a killer description of the opening, and leave Job Postings do the rest.  But the best way to hit the target is using CV Search, a magnifying lens on both active and passive jobseekers. You can easily filter down according to a plethora of criteria adjusted to your needs and preferences. Startup Pack gives access to a database of over 20 million professionals, as well as to premium job postings and visibility to the 8 million monthly visitors. Advisable for companies less than 1 year old, the offer includes 3 free job postings that would otherwise cost $525.

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2. Look beyond the skills

Of course, you need bright skilled brainpower for taking your ‘baby business’ to the next level. But most importantly, you need high enthusiasm, genuine entrepreneurial spirit, and overwhelming passions to tap into. offers a profile platform where candidates can inject personality and help recruiters get a stronger taste of them. Here, they can share their behind-the-scenes, hobbies and even videos to make their voices heard and differentiate themselves from the crowd with their unique traits. Also, candidates can make public their involvement in side projects, pro bono works and volunteering activities, which are clear signs of goodwill and attachment to work ethics. In so doing, employers can learn more about their candidates and ultimately make the best choice for getting a startup team off the ground.

3. Share your culture

Five out of 10 professionals in the Middle East want to join a company where they feel that they are working for a greater purpose, as stated in the ‘What Makes a Company an Attractive Place to Work?’ poll. People look for a mission to believe in and a culture to identify with before embarking on a new project. That’s why you should allow top candidates for your startup to have a deep dive into your culture. Premium Company Profile is a solution designed to showcase what you stand for as a company and what your values are. Your top candidates want to know how you are working to make the world a better place, and to what extent they can make your cause their mandate.

4. Consider remote work options

Whether you like it or not, remote work is how people do things nowadays. Arranging Skype meetings throughout the week, working on shared documents, sending comments over sheets, and sorting through tons of emails and messages on Slack: this is what the 21st century working day looks like. Technology is ensuring high-level connectivity these time, so why not embrace the possibility of having remote first-time entrepreneurs onboard? By hiring remote workers, you can get access to professionals located all over the world and brainstorm with like-minded individuals just as if they were in front of you.

5. Who said salary is everything?

Your budget is tight, resources are pretty much limited and – at least at the moment – you can’t afford multi-zero salaries to your employees. No worries, your buddy startups are in the same boat.

In first place, it’s advisable to pay your employees according to the market rate. You can use Salary Search to find out how much companies in your industry are paying their employees. That being said, you need to know that top-notch talents aren’t necessarily attracted by deep pockets when applying for a job in a brand-new startup. Instead, what they mostly aspire to is an opportunity to cut their teeth in a fast-paced work environment and a great challenge to take on. Consider non-monetary ways to reward your heroes for their performance: gift cards, free tickets, opportunities of learning and development and so forth.

Remember: when working for a startup, hands-on experience comes first, and a good salary can wait.

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