Anti-IMF scream wins Turkish prize

Published May 22nd, 2001 - 02:00 GMT

IZMIR, Turkey, (Reuters) - Bellowing rage against the International Monetary Fund won out over yells of fury at road traffic accidents in a weekend screaming competition held on Turkey's Aegean coast. 


"No to the IMF," said Nuri Cihan before launching into a long rising bellow that was greeted with loud applause by the outdoor audience. 


Contestants must state their reason for screaming. Cihan won first prize of 100 million Turkish lira (around $90). 


Turkey last week sealed a $15.7 billion deal with the IMF and World Bank under which it has pledged painful spending cuts, and widespread reform and privatization. 


The country needs the cash to overcome recession and chaos in its banking sector after two financial crises in six months. 


Second place went to Nilay Bayram, who said her high-pitched wail was a call to "Stop the traffic monster".  

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