Apple's CEO "most powerful person" in the wireless industry

Published November 18th, 2012 - 12:59 GMT
Apple's CEO Time Cook has been named  the "most powerful person" in the wireless industry
Apple's CEO Time Cook has been named the "most powerful person" in the wireless industry

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been named the most powerful person in wireless for 2012.

FierceWireless has published its annual list of the 25 most powerful people in the US wireless industry, and Cook has secured the top spot.

“Tim Cook heads the world’s most valuable tech company,” FierceWireless writes. “It should come as no surprise then that Cook wields enormous power in the wireless industry.”

“Cook’s power, as directed through the iPhone and iPad, translates into tremendous mindshare among US smartphone users (Apple’s iPhone launches generate nationwide headlines) and intense customer loyalty (the iPhone routinely received top marks in customer satisfaction surveys),” FierceWireless explains. “What this means is that Cook’s every decision with the iPhone, and Apple’s wireless business in general, can have an enormous impact on the market.”

The publication does point out that Apple has faced struggles while Cook has been at the helm of the company, including defending it from rival Samsung.

“Just last month Cook oversaw a major shake-up in Apple’s executive ranks that centred on the ouster of Scott Fortall Thus, one of Cook’s key challenges heading into 2013 will be nurturing the innovative, competitive culture created by Apple founder Steve Jobs,” FierceWireless added.

Also in the top 25 most powerful list published last week, FierceWireless named CEO of Google Larry Page and Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon.

Just this week, Apple was also named the world’s most innovative company by Booz & Company, a title that the company has held for the past three years.

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