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Published March 19th, 2017 - 05:58 GMT
2Do is a web and mobile app designed to keep track of your commitments with action items.  (Shutterstock)
2Do is a web and mobile app designed to keep track of your commitments with action items. (Shutterstock)

Teamwork is the primary tool in enhancing businesses today as it is the collective members of the team that can generate a higher revenue and more out-of-the-box ideas for the business. But remember that in every team or organisation, you can always add value as an individual and you can clearly influence how others perceive and treat you.

1. Create a game plan


Do your own timeline and establish SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound) goals with your line manager. This is a relevant stage so you know what to expect and what can be expected of you moving forward. As you progress on a given timeline, manage to update your boss with a regular progress report. This could be as informal as a water cooler talk. A clear game plan not only lets you highlight your improvement but also how results-oriented and organized you are.

App you can use GoalsOnTrack ( (available on Android, iOS) is both a mobile and web-based app that assists in creating objectives based on the SMART goal setting trend.

2. Stay up to date


Listen while you try to get new information and speak knowledgeably and effectively only when you get the facts. Ask important questions that will make an impact to your section or the business. It does not make you less of a person to ask for steps and certain inquiries on standard procedures. Be bold and inquire how a decision was reached, seek advice and express interest when provided an information. Being smart alone does not lead to promotion or success. Remember that emotional intelligence and being socially intelligent are the secrets of effective leaders throughout the world.

App you can use Evernote ( available on Android, iOS, Windows) lets you dictate or manually enter notes, snap photos, create to-do-lists

3. Communicate


Get to know your colleagues whether during lunch, brown bag sessions or a walk to the files section. Get a feel of the office environment's rhythm and culture and always remain positive during your interactions. Understand them and be really interested as you get to know each co-worker without being intrusive.

App you can use Slack ( (available on Android, iOS) lets you organize team conversations with direct messages, calls and file sharing instantly without depending too much on emails.

4. Be mindful of your time


Never show up late during presentations or meetings and especially at work in general. Practice punctuality and never lose track of our appointments or assigned tasks by using productivity metrics that will help you identify your role and responsibilities. Avoid needless busy work or gauging your work based on hours worked, emails sent or meetings attended. Create an objective and focus on how to derive those results.

App you can use 2Do ( (available on Android, iOS) is a web and mobile app designed to keep track of your commitments with action items.

5. Be respectful


Speak with confidence but with respect and always mind the tone you're using. Being at your best behaviour does not mean you cannot be yourself. Stay away from confrontation while you engage with the new office set-up in terms of mood, energy and outputs. How you project yourself once you've joined a group leaves a lasting impression. Get it right from the very start.

App you can use Happytapper ( (available on Android, iOS) gives you some quick inspiration and motivation by letting you visualize your dreams.

By Cleofi Krista Pimentel Capili

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