Bad weather disrupts historic solar plane’s trip around the world

Published June 1st, 2015 - 02:18 GMT

The first solar plane crossing the Pacific Ocean has been diverted to Japan due to bad weather. 

The pilot of the epic China-to-Hawaii flight of Solar Impulse 2, André Borschberg, tweeted that he will now make an unscheduled stop-over in Nagoya, Japan due to bad weather.

"Finding my way with @SolarImpulse to Nagoya (in Japan)" tweeted André Borschberg, the pilot and  CEO of Solar Impulse, who was attempting to make a landmark in the history of aviation. 

The organisers said the flight will soon land at Nagoya and would wait for better weather to continue its Pacific crossing.

Bertrand Piccard, the chairman of Solar Impulse tweeted: "Everything we could do has been done. Weather we cannot control. This what exploration is about! "

The solar plane  attempting to circumnavigate the globe without a drop of fuel, departed from the Chinese city of Nanjing on Saturday at 10:40 pm UAE time to Hawaii in the US to make a landmark in the history of aviation. 

The 8,172 km flight spanning around 130 hours — six consecutive days and nights — would have been  the longest  for a single pilot airplane in duration, ever flown with any type of airplane.

The flight started from Abu Dhabi on March 9 had been waiting for favourable weather  after landing in Nanjing  on April 21.

By Binsal Abdul Kader

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