Beat the price rise with these fuel saving tips

Published March 20th, 2017 - 05:41 GMT
Keeping your engine on when not necessary is a sure way to waste petrol. (Shutterstock)
Keeping your engine on when not necessary is a sure way to waste petrol. (Shutterstock)

The Ministry of Energy, UAE announces fuel prices for the upcoming month around the 28th of every month. This March we are dealing with an increase in fuel prices.

Don’t warm up your car for too long

Because we live in the UAE, we really don’t need to warm up our cars for longer than 30 seconds. Any more time, then you are wasting fuel.

Don’t always use your AC

If you’re not going to be driving on a high way, then roll your windows down slightly. Enjoy the fresh UAE air (as fresh as that can get) and take advantage of the cooler weather by not using your petrol on your AC.

 Buy petrol early in the morning or later in the day

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Because the weather is cooler earlier in the day, the petrol is therefore more dense. Petrol is cooler. As temperatures rise, the density of the petrol is lower and you get less of it when you pump.

Don’t brake too hard

Braking too much wastes petrol and wears your brake pads out faster. The best way to reduce the firmness of your breaking is to maintain a safe distance from the car in front of you, so that you don’t have to hit the brakes too hard.  

Drive steady

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As much as everyone in this country loves to speed, if you’re low on petrol, slow down and drive steady. Don’t accelerate too quickly, because that wastes petrol.

Turn off the engine when you can

If you have the chance to switch your engine off, do it. Whether waiting for someone outside, or if you just need to pull over somewhere. Keeping your engine on will majorly waste petrol.

Close your windows on highways

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An open window increases resistance and costs you fuel in the long run, so keep your windows closed whenever possible. You want to make your vehicle as aerodynamic as possible.

 Drive Less

If it’s possible for you to take the metro, or public transportation, you might be saving more on the increasing cost of petrol.  When not doing important drives like work, try to find one place where you can conveniently run all your errands, rather than drive around all over town. If you’re going out with friends, opt for a carpool or call a taxi.

By Yousra Zaki

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