Beirut ranks second most expensive Arab capital

Published January 10th, 2016 - 12:00 GMT

Beirut ranked second on the list of the most expensive capital in the Arab region, according to, a global statistics website.

“Doha-Qatar ranked as the most expensive Arab capital with a CPI value of 70 [ranking 197th globally], followed by Beirut ranking 229th in the world) with a CPI score of 66.37,” said which released its global cost of living index in January 2016 as mentioned by Market Weekly Watch, the weekly publication of Credit Libanais.

The Numbeo index revealed that prices in Beirut are 33.63 percent less expensive than prices in New York City, with Beirut scoring 42.84 in the Rent Price Index, 49.10 in the Groceries Price Index, 68.66 in the Restaurant Price Index.

The index compares cities worldwide based on their Consumer Price Index when benchmarked to New York City. It also sketches the values of four other indices, namely the Rent Index, the Groceries Index, the Restaurant Price Index and the Local Purchasing Power Index for each city.

According to the January statistics, Hamilton, Bermuda emerged as the most expensive city worldwide, with a CPI value of 132.32.

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