BIOXET enters the Jordanian market with innovative hair reducing cream.

Published June 5th, 2007 - 09:53 GMT

BIOXET enters the Jordanian market with innovative hair reducing cream.

Following its successful launch in the Turkish Market, BIOXET, the clinically tested and approved hair reducing cream was officially launched in Jordan today during a press conference that was followed by a cocktail reception held at the Intercontinental hotel, Amman.

The press conference was attended by senior officials from the Turkish Company BIOTA Herbal Cosmetic Laboratories, the local distributor of BIOXET in Jordan Dr. Zeid Al Kilani from “Rawhi Drugstore”, in addition to key Jordanian journalists from prestigious publications and representatives from the Turkish media.

Key Jordanian physicians including Dermatologists, Gynecologists, and Plastic Surgeons in addition to prime pharmacists were also present at the press conference, which hosted Prof Gulgun Yener  Head of Cosmetology Division at Istanbul University; Faculty of Pharmacy who spoke about the thorough clinical tests that were conducted in the University of Istanbul. Successful clinical tests and case studies led to an official medical approval allowing this product to make its debut and penetrate new markets. Yener’s presentation was followed by a questions and answers session which furthermore increased the attendees’ understanding and built a comprehensive background of the product.

Speaking at the press conference Mr.Cihat Dündar, General Manager, said “We are pleased to launch our product here in Jordan, and we are very optimistic about our experience in the Jordanian market being a blooming market full of potential.” 

“The massive response and successful case studies we have collated in Turkey provided us with the drive to expand regionally, starting with Lebanon and moving towards Jordan and then to other markets as well, where we are confident that our customers will discover the same benefits of our product as experienced in Turkey,” added Cihat Dündar.

BIOXET clinical studies showed that the skin cream causes a significant reduction in the thickness and amount of hair. The approved studies also noted that BIOXET is dermatologically safe, positively contributes to skin’s moisture and softness, as well as being a physically and chemically stable product.

Dr. Zeid Kilani, Partner, Rawhi Drugstore, the sole dealer of BIOXET in Jordan said “Our main and ultimate goal is to bring the latest medical and cosmetic solutions to the Jordanian consumers. We are very positive about BIOXET’s launch in Jordan. Being the sole dealers of this pioneering product we are confident that it will achieve significant success in Jordan.”

BIOXET could be the answer to many peoples' inconvenience and a practical way for hair removal. BIOXET is cost effective, painless, and it can be used within the convenience of one's own home.

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